Let’s Talk About the Weather

Year 5 Level A1+

Learn these words to talk about the weather.

sunny – сонячний
The weather is warm and sunny. It was sunny and warm in Rome.

windy – вітряний
It was very windy yesterday.

blow (blew, blown) – дути
The wind is blowing. The strong wing blew yesterday.

cloudy – хмарний
It was windy and cloudy in Berlin. Today it is partly cloudy.

rainy – дощовий
I don’t like rainy weather. It was rainy in Madrid yesterday.

snowy – сніжний
The weather is often snowy in winter. Do you like snowy weather?

fog – туман
Fog is expected in the evening.

foggy – туманний
It is often foggy in London. Yesterday London was foggy with the temperature of 12 degrees centigrade.

storm – шторм
There was a terrible storm yesterday. The storm damaged the house.

stormy – штормовий
The weather is often stormy at the sea.

frosty – морозний
It’s often frosty in winter. The weather is going to be frosty in London.

chilly – холодний
I don’t like chilly autumn weather.

cool – прохолодний
The weather is cool today, don’t forget to put on your raincoat.

degree – градус
Water boils at one hundred degrees.

temperature – температура
In Oslo the temperature was 0° (= zero degrees).

centigrade – за Цельсієм
It’s 2°C (= two degrees centigrade)

above zero – вище нуля
It is +20°C. It is 20 degrees above zero.

below zero – нижче нуля
It was -10°C last week. It was 10 degrees below zero last week.

expect – очікувати
Warm weather can be expected next week.

the North – північ
the South – південь
the East – схід
the West – захід

What’s the weather like today? – Яка сьогодні погода?

What was the weather like yesterday? – Якою вчора була погода?

weather report – прогноз погоди (метеосводка)
This is the weather report for the European continent.

weather forecast – прогноз погоди
Mum always watches the weather forecast on TV.

to rain – йти, про дощ
It often rains in autumn. Does it often rain in July? It doesn’t often rain here in summer. It is raining now. It isn’t raining now. It rained yesterday. Did it rain yesterday? It didn’t rain last week.

to snow – йти, про сніг
It often snows in winter. It is snowing now. It snowed last month. Did it snow last week?

slippery – слизький
It’s going to be slippery tomorrow. The roads are often slippery in winter. Be careful! It’s going to be slippery tomorrow.

climate – клімат
Different places have different climates. She likes dry climate.

Ukrainian Climate

Today we are going to talk about the climate in Ukraine. Here we have four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The climate is the same in the north, east and west of the country, and in the south it is usually warmer.

The report for Ukraine showed that the country was covered with clouds, but it was sunny in the south last week. And the forecast for this year. This spring is going to be warm, the summer is going to be sunny, the autumn is going to be windy and foggy, the winter – frosty and slippery.

mild – помірний, м’який
The climate of Great Britain is mild.

sunbathe – засмагати, приймати сонячні ванни
I like swimming and sunbathing in summer. What about going to the beach and sunbathing?

freezing cold – холодно, підморожує
It’s freezing cold outside.

various – різноманітний
The weather is different in various places.

heavily – сильно
It’s raining heavily.

outside – на вулиці, зовні
There are only a few people outside.

Can you talk about today’s / yesterday’s / tomorrow’s weather?

Learn these ‘weather’ tongue twisters.

When the weather is wet,
We mustn’t fret.
When the weather is cold,
We mustn’t scold.
When the weather is warm,
We mustn’t storm.
But be thankful together
Whatever the weather.

fret – дратуватися
scold – лаяти(ся)
storm – галасувати                           

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not.
Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot.
We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather.
Whether we like it or not.

whether – чи
whatever – яка б ні