Drinking Tea Is Beneficial to Health

Tea is a part of our daily ration. Green, black or white – what sort of tea do you prefer? We drink tea in the morning, during our working day and can’t imagine traditional evening conversations without it. Moreover, in Britain tea has become a national beverage, often served with milk and sugar. The custom of drinking tea in the afternoon still exists there but it’s not as widespread as it was a couple of centuries ago.

The British tradition of afternoon tea goes back to the early 19th century and is connected with the name of Anna Maria Russel, Duchess of Bedford, who introduced the idea of drinking tea in the late afternoon. In those days dinned was traditionally served between seven and eight o’clock in the evening, so a cup of tea with biscuits or sandwiches helped her to fill the midday gap between breakfast and dinner. Such perfect refreshment soon began to become popular in fashionable circles and then turned into one of the most famous British traditions of those times.

According to some studies, tea has healing properties and its regular and right consumption is beneficial to health. It contains antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and slow down ageing process. Green tea is believed to be especially useful as it helps to prevent cancer, reduces cholesterol level and is good for teeth. Besides, it is very useful for those who are on a diet, or simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Black tea also has positive effects on health, as it lowers levels of the stress hormone after a stressful situation. It boosts brain activity, helps to strengthen the immune system and simply invigorates. So, if you are feeling tired or slightly nervous – have a cup of your favourite tea and enjoy your day.

Word List

  • moreover – більш того
  • a national beverage – національний напій
  • custom – звичай
  • widespread – широко поширений
  • Duchess – герцогиня
  • refreshment – підкріплення
  • in fashionable circles – в модних колах
  • healing properties – цілющі властивості
  • consumption – споживання
  • beneficial to health – корисний для здоров’я
  • contain antioxidants – містити антиоксиданти
  • cell damage – пошкодження клітин
  • ageing process – процес старіння
  • prevent – запобігти
  • lead a healthy lifestyle – вести здоровий спосіб життя
  • to lower level of the stress hormone – знизити рівень гормону стресу
  • boost brain activity – активізувати мозкову активність
  • strengthen immune system – зміцнити імунну систему
  • invigorate – бадьорити

Reading Comprehension

Task 1. True or False

  1. Tea with milk is not popular in Britain at all.
  2. The tradition of drinking tea in the afternoon is as widespread in Britain nowadays, as it was a couple of centuries ago.
  3. Anna Maria Russell, Princess of Bedford, introduced the idea of drinking tea in the late afternoon.
  4. In fashionable circles this idea was supported.
  5. Antioxidants prevent cell damage and slow down ageing process.
  6. Green tea raises cholesterol level.
  7. It also helps to lose weight.
  8. Unlike green tea, black tea is not recommended to drink, especially after stress.

Task 2. Find synonyms

A. conversation, perfect, boost, daily, custom, beverage, beneficial, popular

B. everyday, drink, tradition, ideal, useful, widespread, talk, increase

Task 3. Correct grammar mistakes.

  1. Many researches claims that tea have healing properties.
  2. Tea is containing antioxidants.
  3. In Britain tea is often serving with milk.
  4. Black tea lower levels of the stress hormone.
  5. In the early 19th century Anna Maria Russle has introduced the idea of drinking tea in the late afternoon.