In the World of Stories

Do you like listening to stories? Who is the best storyteller in your family? Do you like reading stories and watching films? What is your favourite story? Can you write a story?

Year 5 Level A1/ A1+

Read to find out about Emily’s grandma’s childhood.

Emily and her grandmother are looking at the family phtographs. They are talking about past times.

Granny: Look at this photo. When I was five I had long hair. I was very shy and quiet.

Emily: Were you afraid of the dark?

Granny: Yes, I was. Most children are afraid of the dark. I was also afraid of ghosts. And thunder and lightning.

Emily: I’m afraid of spiders and sharks. Adam says that’s not normal.

Granny: Fiddlesticks… People are different, so what? Maybe he is afraid of skeletons or dentists… That’s all normal…

Emily: Did your parents have any animals?

Granny: Yes, we had a white cat called Fluffy and some chicks, ducks and pigs in the back garden. I loved all baby animals.

Emily: Did you have a secret hiding place?

Granny: Yes, it was in a tree. I liked sitting on a branch and reading stories there. I loved stories.

Remember the words:

  • be afraid of – боятися
  • be scared – бути наляканим
  • ghost – привид
  • thunder – грім
  • lightning – блискавка
  • spider – павук
  • skeleton – скелет
  • bat – кажан
  • dark – темрява
  • hide (hid, hidden) – ховати, ховатися
  • a secret hiding place – таємна схованка
  • a naughty child – неслухняна дитина
  • branch – гілка
  • horror – жах
  • bug – жук
  • attic – горище
  • mat – килимок
  • childhood – дитинство
  • fairy tale – казка
  • by heart – напам’ять
  • witch – відьма
  • poisonous – отруйний

Answer the questions.

  1. Who is talking about past times?
  2. What are they looking at?
  3. Was grandma a naughty child?
  4. Did she have short hair?
  5. Was she afraid of the dark?
  6. What else was she afraid of?
  7. What is Emily afraid of?
  8. Is that normal for small children to be afrid of something?
  9. Did grandma have any pets when she was a child?
  10. What else did she like?

Are You Afraid of Watching Horror Films?

Most people know about horror films and lots of people are afraid of them. So, what is so scary? If you are afraid of the dark or spiders, bats, skeletons, bugs and ghosts, you should not watch a horror film. Many of them have got lightnings and a scary thunder. You’d better watch a fairy tale to save your nerves.

A Horror Rap

Last night I watched a horror film on TV.
I was so scared, oh poor me!
There was a bug on a rug.
There was a mouse in the house.
There was a bat on a hat.
There was a snake in the lake.
There was a rat on a mat.
And a ghost on toast …
Horror, horror on TV
Didn’t get a wink of sleep … Poor me!

My Favourite Fairy Tales

Task 1. Match to make up true sentences.

a. Snow White / Little Red Riding Hood / Sleeping Beauty / The Three Little Pigs / Hansel and Gretel / Humpty Dumpty / Chicken Licken / The Frog Prince

b. met / sat / ate / went / built / slept / asked / pushed

c. the girl to kiss him / a poisonous apple / a straw house, a twig house and a brick house / on a wall / the witch into the oven / to see the king / a big bad wolf / for a hundred years

Task 2. What was your favourite fairy tale when you were in the kindergarten? Why did you like it? Speak on favourite fairy tales of your childhood. Revise Past Simple because it will help you to use gramatically correct sentences.

Task 3. Interview the members of your family about their childhood. Ask them to finish these sentences:

When I was seven …

  • I played …
  • I collected …
  • I liked …
  • I hated …
  • I believed in …
  • I listened to …
  • I was afraid of … 
  • I liked / didn’t like reading stories and watching films.
  • My favourite fairy tale was …
  • My favourite film / cartoon was …

Speak about your mum’s / dad’s / grandma’s / grandpa’s childhood.

Task 4. Learn this rhyme by heart.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the King’s horses

And all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.