Using Gerunds or Passive Infinitives Following Need

Modal verb need

  • Usually an infinitive follows need: I need to borrow some money. John needs to be told the truth.
  • Need With Gerunds or Passive Infinitives: in certain circumstances, a gerund may follow need. In this case, the gerund carries a passive meaning. Usually the situations involve fixing or improving something: The house needs painting. = The house needs to be painted.

Task 1. Supply an appropriate form of the verb in parentheses.

Example: The chair is broken. I need (fix) it. – I need to fix it.

                The chair needs (fix) – The chair needs fixing / to be fixed.

  1. The baby’s diaper is wet. It needs (change) ____________.
  2. What a mess! This room needs (clean)____________ up. We need (clean) ____________ it up before the company arrives.
  3. My shirt is wrinkled. It needs (iron) ____________.
  4. There is a hole in our roof. The roof needs (repair) ____________.
  5. I have books and papers all over my desk. I need (take) ____________ some time to straighten up my desk. It needs (straighten) ____________ up.
  6. The apples on the tree are ripe. They need (pick) ____________.
  7. The dog’s been digging the mud. He needs (wash) ____________.

Task 2. Use Gerunds or Infinitives (Active or Passive).

  1. I need _______ (to work) harder if I want to pass the exam.
  2. You don’t need _______  (to come) to the meeting, I’ll be there.
  3. The grass needs  _______ (to cut) because it’s very high.
  4. This bedroom hasn’t been cleaned for months, it needs _______ (to clean) today.
  5. Your hair is too dirty, it needs  _______ (to wash) immediately.
  6. Your dress is too long, it needs  _______ (to take up).
  7. My son needs _______ (to change) his suitcase because it is broken.
  8. My mother needs _______ (to go) to the supermarket tomorrow.
  9. This plant hasn’t been watered for a long time, it needs _______ (to water).
  10. Those screws are loose, they need  _______ (to tighten).

Use modal verb need with Gerunds or Passive Infinitives in your own sentences.