Eugene Paton, a scientist whom we take pride in

One can name many outstanding scientists in Ukraine, but I’d like to tell about the man, whose name is known all over the world. This is Eugene Paton, an outstanding scientist in the field of bridge construction and welding, the founder of the Institute of Electric Welding.

Eugene Paton was born in the family of Russian Consul in Nice, France in 1870. He was a graduate of Dresden Polytechnic Institute, Germany. But when he came back to St Petersburg as a famous engineer (architect), he suddenly changed his mind as to his occupation. He became a student of St Petersburg University being a famous engineer and having the project of the Dresden railway station to his credit. In a year, he passed all the exams and got a degree of a railway engineer.

He was a lecturer at Moscow Engineering College of Railway Roads (1989-1904). Paton was the first to found the Soviet school of bridge-building. Eugene Paton was a Professor of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and the Chairman of the Bridge Department from 1904 to 1938. In 1929 he organized a welding laboratory and Electric Welding Committee. In 1934 Eugene Paton founded the Electric Welding Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the first institute of the electric welding in the world.

He was awarded the title of the Honourable member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He decided to change his profession when he was 60. “The wish to serve the people made me to take up the new job — the electric welding,” he said.

When he was 80, he headed the design and construction of the first boltless bridge in Kyiv. The bridge is 1,150 metres long and is called after Paton. The Research Institute of Electric Welding is called after Paton too.

Word List

  • an award – нагорода
  • to award – нагороджувати
  • a consul – консул
  • a degree – ступінь
  • Nice – м. Ніцца
  • a title – титул, звання
  • electric welding – електрозварювання
  • boltless – без болтів
  • honourable – почесний
  • Soviet – радянський

Task 1. Are these statements true or false?

  1. Eugene Paton was born in Moscow in 1870.
  2. His father was Russian Consul in Nice, France.
  3. Paton graduated from Dresden Medical Institute and later became a famous surgeon.
  4. Eugene Paton graduated from St Petersburg University and then had a project of the Dresden railway station.
  5. He got a degree of a railway engineer at Dresden Polytechnical Institute.
  6. Paton was a founder of bridge-building.
  7. At the age of 60 he took up the electric welding.
  8. He headed the construction of the first wooden bridge in Kyiv.
  9. The bridge is 2,000 metres long.
  10. The name of Paton has been given to the bridge and to the Research Institute in St Petersburg.

Task 2. Answer the questions.

  1. Where was Eugene Paton born?
  2. What higher eductayional institutions did he study in?
  3. What project did he have to his credit when he became a student of St Petersburg University?
  4. What institution did he found?
  5. How old was Eugene Paton when he headed the design and construction of the first boltless bridge in Kyiv?
  6. Why did Eugene Paton change his profession when he was 60?