Is Cooking Your Hobby?

Do you like cooking? Can you say that cooking is your hobby?

Year 5 Level A1+ Upper Elementary

Word List ‘Cooking’

cook – куховарити
What shall we cook for the main course? What salad can you cook? What kinds of soup does your mum cook?

wash – мити
Wash potatoes. To cook meat you must first wash it.

peel – знімати шкірку
Peel two oranges, please. Wash and peel potatoes, please.

slice – різати скібочками
You need to wash and slice the lemon. Slice the mushrooms.

chop – нарізувати, кришити
Peel and chop the onion.

grill – смажити на грилі
Let’s grill the chicken. I like grilled fish.

mix – перемішувати
Mix eggs, milk and sugar.

pour – лити, наливати
Pour some water into the saucepan. Pour me some lemonade, please.

bake – випікати
My granny often bakes pies. Mum is going to bake a cake for the party.

boil – кип’ятити, варити
To make tea you must first boil some water. Boil the meat for an hour.

mash – розминати
Shall I mash these boiled potatoes? Do you like mashed potatoes?

decorate – прикрашати
We need to decorate the salad. Can you decorate a cake?

add – додавати
Don’t forget to add some olive oil and salt.

fry – смажити
My dad often fries fish. Do you prefer boiled or fried meat? Do you like fried potatoes?

roast – смажити, пекти
Americans roast turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The British have roasted turkey for Christmas.

fill – наповнювати
I filled the kettle with water. To make cabbage rolls, fill cabbage leaves with minced meat, some vegetables and rice.

serve – подавати
They served lemonade instead of apple cider. Serve borshch with sour cream and pampushkas with garlic. You may serve cabbage rolls with tomato juice or sour cream.

set (set, set) the table / lay (laid, laid) the table – накривати на стіл
I help my mother to set the table for dinner. They set and decorated the table for the party.

Task 1. Write how to make one of your favourite dishes.


  • To make … first …
  • Then …
  • Afterwards …
  • Next …
  • Finally …


Enjoy your meal!

Task 2. Do you often go on a picnic? Do you like picnicking? What food do you usually take with you? Do you cook anything on a picnic?

Write about a day you went on a picnic. Say:

  • when you went
  • who you went with
  • what food you took with you / cooked
  • where you stayed
  • what you did there

Task 3. Write how to make your favourite sandwich.