Ladybug, My Favourite Cartoon Character

Tell about your favourite cartoon character, will you?

Year 3 Level A1 Elementary

Hi, I’m Karina. I’m eight. I like watching cartoons. I’d like to tell you about my favourite cartoon character. It is a girl. Her name is Marinette. She lives in the city of Paris with her family. Marinette is the main character of the animation series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

She is young. She is a teenager. She is not tall and slim. She has got short dark bluish hair and beautiful large blue eyes. She is very pretty. Her smile is so beautiful. She usually wears T-shirts. She has got a bag where Tikki lives. With Tikki’s help Marinette turns into a superhero. After transformation, she’s wearing a red suit with black dots and she looks like a ladybug. Marinette is in love with Adrien, a young French supermodel. Marinette becomes Ladybug and Adrien turns into Cat Noir.  They fight against a villain named Hawkmoth.

I like Ladybug because she is kind, just, helpful and brave. I am fond of watching her adventures and I think it is the cutest show!

Do you like watching Miraculous Ladybug, a story about superheroes and love?

Word List

the main character – головний герой
animation series – мультсеріал
bluish – синюватий
miraculous  – чудодійний
Cat Noir = Black Cat
ladybug (ladybird) – сонечко
fight against a villain – боротися проти лиходія
kind – добрий
just – справедливий
helpful – готовий допомогти
brave – хоробрий
I am fond of watching her adventures – Я залюбки спостерігаю за її пригодами
the cutest show – наймиліше шоу