An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

For sure health is above wealth. Let’s learn some words to speak about healthy food.

Level A1+ Year 5

Word List Health Is Above Wealth

health – здоров’я
Health is above wealth. – Здоров’я краще багатства.
Do you agree that health is above wealth?

healthy food – корисна для здоров’я їжа
Do you eat healthy food? What food is healthy? Children need to eat healthy food that is rich in vitamins.

be rich in – бути багатим на
Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins.

unhealthy food – некорисна для здоров’я їжа
You mustn’t eat too much unhealthy food. What food is unhealthy?

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Do you know that there is healthy and unhealthy food? For example, hamburgers, sweets, ice cream, crisps, coke is unhealthy food. And carrots, tomatoes, pears, apples, salad, fish, yoghurt is healthy food.

Healthy food is rich in vitamins and minerals and it’s important for our bones, skin, eyes.

Don’t skip a meal and eat lots of vegetables and fruit.

crisps (Brit.) / chips (Amer.) – чіпси
Crisps are unhealthy food. Do you like chips? What flavour do you prefer? I like eating crisps and peanuts, especially, between my meals.

peanuts – арахісові горішки
Do you like peanuts? I like chocolate with peanuts.

cornflakes – кукурудзяні пластівці
I eat cornflakes with milk for breakfast. Do you like cornflakes? Most Englishmen drink tea and eat some cornflakes in the morning.

vitamins – вітаміни
We need vitamins. Vitamins are important for our skin, eyes, bones, hair and for other parts of our body.

minerals – мінерали
We can find minerals in milk, eggs, cheese and in vegetables. Minerals are important for our teeth and bones.

skip a meal – пропустити їжу (прийом їжі)
I’ve got four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Don’t skip your breakfast because it is the most important meal. She skipped her breakfast so she is hungry now. The English have dinner at about six, it is their main meal.

for breakfast / for lunch / for dinner / for supper – на сніданок / на ланч / на обід / на вечерю
I eat some toasts with butter and cheese for breakfast. What do you usually have for lunch? What does your mum usually cook for dinner? I often have some yoghurt for supper. I often have cocoa for breakfast.

at least – принаймні
You must drink at least five glasses of water every day.

snack – легка закуска, перекус
A snack is a small amount of food eaten between meals. Let’s have a snack. What shall we take for a snack? I often have an apple or a banana for a snack. She likes to snack on yoghurt.

fast food – швидка їжа
Hamburgers are fast food. Fast food is unhealthy. They often have fast food for a snack.

dairy product – молочний продукт
A dairy product is made from milk. Dairy products include butter, cheese, cream, sour cream, ice cream, yogurt, dried milk, cottage cheese, curds, kefir, ryazhanka, condensed milk, milkshake. I like dairy products. What dairy products do you like?

eating habits – їстівні звички
Change your eating habits because you eat too much fast food.

dessert – десерт
Anything for dessert? What is your favourite dessert? What will we cook for dessert?

French fries / fries / chips (Brit.) – картопля фрі, смажена картопля
Can I have a hot dog and fries, please? British people like fish and chips.

a chewing gum – жувальна гумка
What’s he chewing? He’s chewing gum. What’s your favourite chewing gum flavour?

noodle – локшина
She’s cooking noodles. Do you like noodle soup?

Read the “food” rhyme. Can you recite it?

I Like Food

I like carrots, I like peas, I like cabbage, I like cheese.
I like mushrooms, I like beans, I like apples and that means:
I like food, anyway you cook it.
I like food, anyway you look at it.
I like food, cold or hot,
I like food, I like it a lot.
I like chocolate, I like potatoes, I like spinach, I like tomatoes,
I like eggs, I like bread, I like fish, as I’ve said:
I like plums, I like custard, I like leeks, I like mustard,
I like ice-cream, I like toast.
Can you guess what I like the most?

Speaking Time

Eat Well – Feel Well

  1. Lemons, oranges, apples, pears are rich in vitamins.
  2. There are vitamins in fruit, vegetables, brown bread and in other food as well.
  3. Vitamins are important for our eyes, skin and our health.
  4. We can find minerals in milk, cheese, eggs, and in vegetables.
  5. Minerals are important for our teeth and bones.
  6. Breakfast is the most important meal.
  7. Don’t skip your breakfast.
  8. Don’t eat crisps and peanuts between your meals.
  9. You must drink at least five glasses of water every day.

Eat the Right Food

  1. People cannot live without food.
  2. Our diet must contain all the things we need, such as vitamins and minerals.
  3. There are different types of vitamins (A, B, C, and so on).
  4. We should try to keep to a healthy diet.
  5. We must eat fruit, vegetables and dairy products every day.
  6. Vegetables and fruit have got a lot of vitamins.
  7. Vitamins are important for our skin, eyes, bones, hair and for other parts of our body.
  8. Different kinds of food help our body to keep fit and to be strong and healthy.
  9. We should remember the proverb, “Good health is above wealth” and eat the right food.

diet – дієта
keep to a healthy diet – дотримуватись здорової дієти
contain – вміщувати
should – слід
keep fit – бути здоровим


You are going to spend some time with a host family in England. Talk about food you usually have for breakfast / lunch / dinner.