The Subjective Infinitive Complex

The Subjective Infinitive Complex or Complex Subject consists of a noun in the Common Case or a personal pronoun in the Nominative Case and the infinitive.

Complex Subject

He is said to be writing a play.
She was reported to have finished school.
You were said to have arrived in Kyiv.
They are reported to have been teaching for five years.
You are said to know this language.

I am expected to make a present for her.
He is known to be very strong.
She is believed to be interested in art.
They are supposed to arrive in Kyiv tomorrow.
He is considered to be a lover of music.

I was watched to unlock the door.
He was seen to cross the street at that place.
She was heard to burst out laughing.
He is watched to play volleyball.
You were noticed to approach the school building.

He happened to have recognized me.
I chanced to meet them at the exhibition.
She seems to be cooking dinner.
We proved to understand the spoken English.
They appeared to know the city very well.

I am sure to solve the problem.
He was certain to get an excellent mark.
We are likely to come back in time.
They are unlikely to know French.
You were likely to lose the match.

Task 1. Transform the sentences using the Subjective Infinitive Complex (Complex Subject) instead of the Objective Infinitive Complex.

Model: I saw her read the letter. – She was seen to read the letter.

  1. We heard her sing a folk song.
  2. I saw him put his coat on.
  3. They heard the clock strike nine.
  4. We saw the rider disappear in the distance.
  5. We saw the plane take off.
  6. They expected him to return in a fortnight.
  7. We know her to be a talented actress.
  8. Everybody supposed him to be a foreigner.
  9. Everybody considered him to be a great man.
  10. I expect the letter to be sent tomorrow.

Task 2. Transform the following complex sentences into simple ones using Complex Subject.

  1. It is said that they work in the field.
  2. It is believed that she knows several foreign languages.
  3. It is said that the film is very interesting.
  4. It is supposed that he understands Spanish.
  5. It is reported that the astronauts fell well.
  6. It is said that Jane is preparing for her entrance examinations.
  7. It is said that they are working in the garden.
  8. It is reported that the painter is working at a new picture.
  9. It is believed that he is writing a historical novel.
  10. It is reported that the delegation arrived in Paris on the first of March.
  11. It is reported that the spaceship has reached the moon.
  12. It is believed that this house was built in the 18th century.
  13. It is said that she has been teaching maths for thirty years.
  14. It is expected that he will arrive on Monday.
  15. It is supposed that the book will be published next year.
  16. It was expected that the film would be shown in May.
  17. It was supposed that the weather would be fine in April.
  18. It is expected that he will buy a car.
  19. It seems that they live in the same house.
  20. It seems that he is composing a new symphony.
  21. It seems that he knew it long ago.
  22. It seems that she is listening.
  23. It proved that you were right.
  24. It turned out that the text was very difficult.