Watch a good film – entertain yourself!

Watching films is one of the most favourite pastime. Let’s learn the vocabulary to be able to speak about films and their role in our lives. You will need this vocabulary to make a film review. Speaking about films is exciting!

Word List Speaking About Films

entertain – розважати
The clown entertained children.

entertainment – розвага
The entertainment programme was very interesting.

entertaining – розважальний
The film was entertaining.

leisure – дозвілля
What do you like doing at your leisure time?

have leisure – відпочивати
What about having leisure at the weekend?

film / movie – фільм
Pirates of the Caribbean is an adventure movie. A thriller is an exciting film about crime and violence. The film is an exciting story about the adventures in the galaxy. The film touches many issues, such as betrayal, friendship, compassion and love.

a title – назва
What’s the title of the film?

genre – жанр
There are different film genres. There is often a mix of film genres.

Film Genres

an action film – бойовик
a computer animation film – фільм з комп’ютерними спец ефектами
a horror film – фільм жахів
a love story – мелодрама
a thriller – трилер
a disaster thriller –
фільм катастрофа
a crime thriller – 
кримінальний трилер
a spy thriller – 
шпигунський трилер
a supernatural thriller –
трилер про наприродне
a war film –
фільм про війну
a western – вестерн
a science fiction film / sci-fi – наукова фантастика
a musical – мюзикл
a documentary – документальний фільм
a comedy –
a romantic comedy – 
романтична комедія
a melodrama – 
a historical drama – 
історична драма
a psychological drama – психологічна драма
a fantasy –
a mystery –
загадка  (a mystery is a genre of film revolving around the solution to a problem or a crime)
a space travel – 
космічна подорож
an alien invasion –
вторгнення прибульців 
a chick flick film 
(a film about romantic relationships or other subjects that interest women)
a cartoon – мультфільм

Speaking About Films

series (plural: series) – серія, серії
A cartoon is a film made by photographing some series of drawings. On Sunday nights I watch a detective series.

sequel – продовження
Dead Man’s Chest is an adventure movie, a sequel to The Curse of the Black Pearl. The film is sequel to Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. 

create – створювати
All the characters were created by computers.

to star – виконувати головну роль
What films did she star in? The actor is starring in a new thriller. Leonardo DiCaprio became very popular after starring in the film ‘Titanic’. She is starring in another melodrama.

a character – персонаж
The main characters of the film are teenagers. The main character is an alien who wants to go home.

a plot – сюжет
A plot is the story of a film. Summarize the plot in a few sentences. The plot is a bit weak, but the actors are good-looking.  I like deep thoughtful movies that have an intricate plot and an unexpected ending.

be based on – базуватися на
The film is based on a comic about people who live in the Stone Age. Spiderman is an action movie based on a comic.

depressing – гнітючий
If a film is depressing, it makes you feel very sad.

gripping – захоплюючий
The film was so gripping, I couldn’t stop watching it.

predictable – передбачуваний
I found this film not interesting because the end was predictable from the very beginning.

brilliant – блискучий
The film is a brilliant musical.

spectacular – вражаючий, захоплюючий
It’s a typical action film with plenty of spectacular stunts.

convincing – переконливий
The acting is convincing.

fascinating – захоплюючий, чарівний
The film is a brilliant documentary about the fascinating world of nature. The film has fascinating computer animation.

confusing – заплутаний
The plot is a bit confusing.

catchy – причепливий
The film has catchy music.

enjoyable – приємний
The film is very enjoyable.

stunt – трюк
There are spectacular special effects and excellent stunts in this movie.

special effects – спецефекти
Special effects are an everyday part of modern entertainment, including television shows, movies, and video games. The third sequel has spectacular special effects. Although there were no special effects in this film, but the soundtrack was really amazing.

romance – любовна історія
This film is about adventures and romance.

scene – сцена, місце дії
Some scenes in the film are really funny. I really liked the scene when the central character let out a scream of pain and despair. It was very powerful and thought-provoking.

touching moments – зворушливі моменти
There were some touching moments in this film which made me cry.

I hope you found this word list useful and speaking about films isn’t a problem now.

Do you fancy speaking about films?

What do you think of when you hear the word movie/film?

When I hear the word ‘movie’ or ‘film’, I think of an exciting story which entertains us and can transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and provoke thought.

Why are movies called movies?

The word “movies” is short for “moving pictures.” It originated from the fact that early films consisted of a series of still images that, when shown rapidly in succession, created the illusion of motion.

Who works in the movie industry?

Lots of professionals work in the movie industry, including actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, costume designers, makeup artists, visual effects artists, sound engineers, and many others.

Why is it better to watch movies at the cinema than at home on TV?

Watching movies at the cinema offers a different experience than watching them at home on TV. The cinema provides a larger screen, perfect sound, and a special atmosphere. Watching a movie at the cinema is more memorable.

Which country makes the best movies?

The “best” movies are a matter of personal preference. Many countries have great film industries and produce outstanding films in various genres. In my opinion, the best films are made in Hollywood, the United States, is often recognized for its influence on global cinema, but other countries also have significant contributions to the world of film. There are some great films produced in Ukraine.

Are films good for us?

Films can be good because they’re fun to watch and can teach us things. But watching too many movies, especially ones with violence, might not be good for us. It’s important to watch movies in a smart way.

Do movies make people more violent?

Some people think that watching violent movies can make people act more aggressively. But it’s not just movies that can affect how people behave. Our families, friends, and other things in our lives also play a big role.

What is the job of a movie critic?

A movie critic is someone who watches movies and tells other people what they think about them. They write reviews for newspapers, websites, or magazines to help people decide if they want to watch a movie or not.

What things make a film great?

A great movie has a good story with interesting characters and convincing acting. A great movie also makes us think and feel things, and it stays in our minds even after we’ve finished watching it.