Film is considered to be an important art form.

Read about films as important art form

  1. Films are produced by recording actual people and objects with cameras.
  2. Producers also use animation techniques and special effects.
  3. Film is considered to be an important art form.
  4. Films entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire the audience.
  5. Any film can become popular all around the world with the addition of dubbing or subtitles that translate the dialogue.
  6. Films reflect and affect cultures.
  • educate – давати освіту, виховувати
  • enlighten – просвітити, інформувати
  • inspire – надихати
  • addition – доповнення
  • dubbing – дубляж
  • subtitles –  субтитри
  • reflect – відображати
  • affect – впливати

 Answer the questions.

  1. How are films produced?
  2. What do producers use?
  3. What is film considered to be?
  4. How do films influence the audience?
  5. Can any film become a worldwide attraction?
  6. How do films reflect and affect cultures?

About movies

Movies are an art of our life and they play an important role in the life of our society. Lots of people consider going to the cinema one of the best ways of spending their leisure time. Besides entertainment, movies can also educate, inform and influence the public opinion. Some movies make people think and look at their life in a new way. Sometimes movies help people find answers to disturbing questions and to feel happy.

The film history began in the 1890s, when motion picture cameras were invented and film production companies started to be established. After the Lumiere brothers had invented the cinematography, the cinema widely spread all over the world. The first successful permanent theatre showing only movies was “The Nickelodeon” in Pittsburgh in 1905. And in 1907 movies started to be based on the literature works. Nowadays there are a lot of different versions of one book that you can watch on a big screen.

And if we are talking about cinema theatres, you might be surprised with several different types of cinema theatres: Multiplex, Imax, Independent, Second–Run and Drive–In.

Movies are a powerful force in our modern world. Cinema is used in the field of education. Video classes are really useful when we are talking about studying foreign languages. They can help you to see something wonderful in the world, even if you never leave your place. The news on TV helps to know what happens in the world every day. It also helps to draw the attention of people to different important problems like hunger, poverty, environmental problems and so on.

Cinema is a great entertainment. It’s a pleasant way to relax and get pleasure, while watching something on the screen. Nowadays people can’t just imagine their life without cinematographic art.

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What About Going to the Cinema?

Suggesting / Inviting

How about … / What about …. ?

  • going to the cinema
  • going to the theatre
  • going to the café
  • going to the circus
  • playing football
  • listening to music
  • watching a film

Shall we … / Would you like to … / Let’s … /  Why don’t we … ?

  • go to the cinema
  • go to the theatre
  • go to the café
  • go to the circus
  • play football
  • listen to music
  • watch a film