Planets of the Solar System

Here you will a brief information about each of the Solar System planets.

Level A1 Elementary

Word List Solar System Planets

  • planet – планета
  • the Solar System – Сонячна система
  • Sun – Сонце
  • energy – енергія
  • galaxy – галактика
  • Milky Way – Чумацький шлях
  • gigantic – гігантський
  • temperature – температура
  • degree – градус
  • above zero – вище нуля
  • Mercury – Меркурій
  • Venus – Венера
  • Earth – Земля
  • Mars – Марс
  • Jupiter – Юпітер
  • Saturn – Сатурн
  • Uranus – Уран
  • Neptune – Нептун
  • Pluto – Плутон
  • rock – камінь
  • ring – кільце
  • gas – газ
  • star – зірка
  • ice – лід
  • the furthest – найдальша
  • moon – супутник планети
  • possible – можливий
  • atmosphere – атмосфера
  • scientist – вчений
  • discover – відкривати

Watch this presentation and speak about Solar System Planets

Solar System Planets

  1. Our world is the planet Earth.
  2. It is one of the nine planets around the Sun. They are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.
  3. Nine planets and the Sun make up the Solar System.
  4. The Solar System is in a galaxy – the Milky Way.
  5. A galaxy is any of the large systems of stars.
  6. The Sun is a star.
  7. It gives energy to nine planets.
  8. The Sun is very hot.
  9. It’s a gigantic ball made of hot gas.
  10. The temperature on the Sun is about 6,000 degrees above zero.
  11. The Sun gives light and warmth to Earth. We can’t live without the Sun.
  12. The planet nearest to the Sun is Mercury.
  13. Mercury is made of rock.
  14. It is hot. But it is not the hottest planet.
  15. It’s the fastest planet. It goes around the Sun very quickly.
  16. It looks like the moon. It is a little less than our moon.
  17. Venus is the hottest planet.
  18. It is second nearest to the Sun.
  19. Venus is very bright. It is made of rock. Thick clouds cover Venus.
  20. The third planet is Earth. Our planet is about 4,600 million years old.
  21. Life is possible on Earth because of atmosphere and water.
  22. Earth is the most beautiful planet in the Solar System.
  23. Earth has one moon.
  24. The moon is not a planet. It goes around our planet Earth. It’s made of rock. There isn’t any weather on the moon.
  25. When the moon is big and round it’s called a full moon.
  26. When it’s very small, it’s called a new moon.
  27. The first men on the moon were Americans Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.
  28. They landed on the moon on July 20th 1969 and they walked around for two hours.
  29. The fourth planet is Mars. It’s smaller than Earth.
  30. Mars is called the Red planet. It is made of red rock.
  31. The fifth planet is Jupiter.
  32. Jupiter is very cold. It’s made of gas and liquid.
  33. It’s got sixteen large moons and many smaller ones. Jupiter is the biggest planet.
  34. The sixth planet is Saturn.
  35. Saturn is made of gas and liquid. Saturn is very cold. It has got ten moons.
  36. There are big colourful rings made of rock and ice around Saturn.
  37. The seventh planet is Uranus.
  38. Uranus is four times bigger than Earth. It’s made of gas and it’s very cold.
  39. There are nine rings around Uranus.
  40. The eighth planet is Neptune. It is a beautiful blue planet.
  41. Neptune has two moons. It’s made of gas and it’s very cold.
  42. There are often storms on Neptune.
  43. Pluto is the furthest from the Sun. It is the coldest planet.
  44. Pluto is the smallest planet. It is smaller than our moon.
  45. Scientists discovered Pluto in 1930.