Why are all jobs important?

Year 5 Level A1+

What will you be when you grow up? If you don’t know the answer, remember that all jobs are important and useful.

Word List All Jobs Are Important

dentist – стоматолог
A dentist repairs teeth. He /She treats people’s teeth.

police officer / policeman / policewoman – офіцер поліції
A police officer catches burglars.

nurse – медсестра
A nurse helps the doctor to treat people. A nurse takes care of patients.

postman / postwoman – листоноша
A postman brings letters, newspapers and magazines.

vet – ветеринар
A vet helps sick animals.

architect – архітектор
An architect designs buildings.

reporter – репортер
A reporter interviews people.

hairdresser – перукар
A hairdresser cuts hair. His mom is a hairdresser.

zookeeper – робітник зоопарку
A zookeeper takes care of animals in the zoo. His brother is a zookeeper.

babysitter – няня
A babysitter looks after a child or children while the parents are out. My sister sometimes works as a babysitter.

computer programmer – програміст
A computer programmer writes computer programs. I want to be a computer programmer.

cook – кухар
A cook cooks tasty food. Her aunt is a cook.

mechanic – механік
A mechanic repairs cars. His father is a mechanic.

taxi driver – водій таксі
A taxi driver drives a taxi. My cousin is a taxi driver.

writer – письменник
Joanne Rowling is a famous English writer who wrote the books about Harry Potter.

musician – музикант
A musician plays musical instruments.

dressmaker – кравчиня
A dressmaker makes dresses and suits.

driver – водій
A driver drives a car.

painter / artist – художник

A painter paints pictures. He is a famous artist.

teacher – вчитель
A teacher teaches children.

boxer – боксер
A boxer boxes in the ring.

pilot – пілот
A pilot flies in a plane.

doctor – лікар
A doctor treats patients.


There are lots of different doctors in a hospital. Nurses help them to make operations.

For example, there are dentists. They repair teeth. When you feel a pain in your tooth, you should visit a dentist.

If you want to become a doctor, you should love nature and study biology well at school.

Would you like to be a doctor?

  • repair teeth – лікувати зуби
  • feel a pain in your tooth – відчути біль у зубі

sailor – моряк
A sailor sails in the sea.

banker – банкір
A banker works in a bank.

seller / shop assistant – продавець
A shop assistant sells things.

flight attendant / steward / stewardess – бортпровідник
A flight attendant serves the passengers.

waiter / waitress – офіціант / офіціантка
A waiter / A waitress waits on the table.

dancer – танцівниця, танцівник
A dancer dances.

singer – співак
A singer sings songs.

shoe maker – виробник взуття, чоботар
A shoe maker mends shoes.

manager – менеджер
A manager controls and administers a company.

firefighter / fireman – пожежник
A firefighter extinguishes fires.

farmer – фермер
A farmer owns and works on a farm.

engineer – інженер
An engineer designs, builds roads, bridges, machines, etc.

accountant – бухгалтер
An accountant works with financial accounts.

web designer – веб-дизайнер
A web designer designs websites.

fashion designer – модельєр
A fashion designer designs new clothes.

lawyer – юрист
A lawyer practices laws.

Let’s Chat

  • What does a teacher do? – A teacher teaches children.
  • Who plays musical instruments? – A musician.
  • What do you want to be? – When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. I’ll treat sick people.
  • What job would you like to have in the future?
  • All jobs are important, aren’t they?