Free Time Activities

Year 5 Level A1+

Let’s read about some free time activities.


Hi! I’m Terry. I’m an Instagram user. There are so many nicknames on Instagram. I’m very curious to find my friends there.

Lots of people invite me to join “The Merry Day” but I’m careful. I don’t want to make friends with bullies. You can find even teachers on Instagram. That is unusual.

Would you like to send me a message?

user – користувач
nickname – прізвисько
curious – допитливий
careful – обережний
bully – хуліган, забіяка
unusual – незвичний

Cartoon Animation

Hi, I’m John! I’ve got a dream. I’m interested in creating my own cartoon. Also I’m fond of collecting coins. I have fifty different coins. That would be fair to name my cartoon “The Magic Coin”. Making “The Magic Coin” is a lot of work. The cartoon has got a thousand photos which are just a little different. Thank you, Mum and Dad, for the camera.

animation – анімація
a dream – мрія
create – створювати
own – власний
fair – справедливий
magic – чарівний, магічний

Theme Parties

Theme parties are always interesting. There are lots of different themes that will make the party funny.

First, you should create an invitation. You can paint it red or green and glue a name badge onto it. In the invitation you can write the theme of the party and ask your friend to wear a fancy dress.

It is the best way to spend the pastime.

glue – приклеювати

Start Learning IT

Today it is useful to be keen on IT. It’s easy to search the information in the Internet and share your experience with others.

If you need to contact somebody, you can just send a message or make a call using Viber, Messenger, What’s Ap.

Don’t waste your time and start learning IT.

useful – корисний
to search the information – шукати інформацію
share – ділитись
experience – досвід
to contact somebody – зв’язатися з кимось
send a message – відправити повідомлення
make a call – зателефонувати
don’t waste your time – не витрачайте свій час

Speak about your free time activities.