Why do I love Ukraine?

I asked my students to write a short essay Why Do I Love Ukraine? Here is the result of their creative work.


Each of us has his or her own reasons to love our motherland. I have been living in Ukraine since my birth, in a small but very old town with a very rich history. Our country, people and our language had very hard times. Even now our country doesn’t have the best times. Ukrainian people are very brave and patriotic.  Wherever the Ukrainian people are, they will always be Ukrainians.  I believe, that our nation will solve all problems!

I love my motherland because I was born here, because all my relatives and friends are here. I love Ukraine just because I love it. Our country is very beautiful and full of amazing places. Aktovsky canyon, Manyavsky waterfall, Lake Lemurian, Optimistic cave, Oleshkovsky sands, Bakota, Vilkovo, Dzharylgach Island, Mount Goverla, Shatsky lakes and it is just a little part of our breathtaking Ukrainian nature wonders.

One of the reasons why I love my country is our customs and traditions. I can’t say that our family follow all the traditions but some of them we keep with honour. Ukrainian traditions are very interesting and all of them have a rich history. Our ancestors passed on these traditions from generation to generation. The feeling when the whole family gathers at the festive table for the holidays like Christmas or Easter is unforgettable.

I am proud of the Ukrainians who have changed the history of Ukraine and the whole world!  It is difficult to list all famous Ukrainians who were born in Ukraine and made a great contribution into world culture.

The history of our country is very interesting. We did not always win and we made mistakes, but nothing is capable to destroy our country as long as faith lives in the hearts of Ukrainians. And for that I love Ukraine!


My Motherland Ukraine is a large country. It has got a long history. Its territory was a part of Kyiv Rus, – a powerful state hundreds of years ago. Today Ukraine is an independent country. Do I love Ukraine? The answer to this question is always “yes”. Why?
Ukraine is a wonderful country with beautiful nature. There are cities and towns with modern buildings, factories and heavy traffic, but I love breathtaking views of hills and forests, rivers and lakes.

Ukrainian architecture is considered to be beautiful and unique. I can’t stop admiring Michael’s Zolotoverkhyi Monastery, Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, House of Chimeras, Zoloti Vorota when I visit Kyiv, our capital.

I love Ukraine for its people. They’re friendly, hospitable, brave and are always ready to help each other. Also, they are hardworking and honest. Ukrainian people are very talented. There are many writers, poets, musicians, artists and sportsmen that are famous all over the world.

Ukrainian language sounds sweet. Ukrainians are proud of it. Our language has a very long history and there were times when it was forbidden to speak and write in Ukrainian. I think that the soul of nation lives in the mother tongue and it is passed down from generation to generation.

I can proudly say that I’m Ukrainian and I love my Motherland.


Ukraine is my motherland and I am proud that I am Ukrainian. I love its picturesque views, fields, forests, rivers, seas and mountains.
Like other countries Ukraine has its symbols and they are as important for me as Ukraine’s beautiful nature. One of them is a guelder rose. There is even a saying that there is no Ukraine without a guelder rose. I think this bush is especially beautiful in late autumn and winter when the branches are decorated with bright red berries.
Our Ukrainian language is rich, harmonious and melodious. It is the code of Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian soul.
Our people are hard-working, friendly, kind, generous and cheerful. Our songs are charming. I love singing and I am sure that it is easier to live with a song, because it can help express your joy and sorrow, love and sadness, dreams and hopes.
I believe that Ukrainians will overcome all difficulties and Ukraine will be a prosperous home for my nation.


I am 14 years old and I’m proud that I am Ukrainian. Ukraine is my motherland because I was born here, my parents and grandparents are Ukrainians.

Different people love their country for different reasons.

I love Ukraine for people. Ukrainians are sincere, kind and generous people.

I love Ukraine for traditions. Ukrainian traditions are very unusual and interesting.

I love Ukraine for religion. Ukrainians are Christians. They respect their faith. My favourite Ukrainian religious holidays are Christmas Eve, Epiphany, Easter. Ukrainians celebrated these holidays in a special way keeping old traditions.

I love Ukraine for songs. Ukrainian songs are very patriotic and melodious.

I love Ukrainian language. Ukrainian is a very beautiful language.

I love Ukraine for history. Our history is rich and goes back to ancient times.

I love Ukraine for literature. One of the most famous Ukrainian writers is Taras Shevchenko. The monuments to him can be found in many parts of the world.

I love Ukraine for beautiful cities like Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, Odesa.

Ukraine will always be in my heart wherever I am in the future.


I’d like to live abroad, but I really love Ukraine. I was born here and I was brought up in the atmosphere of Ukrainian traditions. But the  real reasons is that my hometown is the only place, where I feel myself at home. For me, it means, that you are in a comfort zone, where you feel the highest level of calmness. I appreciate, that I am Ukrainian. A lot of people don’t know about our country, about our beautiful nature, delicious food, our talented people. Many singers and groups from Ukraine are popular all over the world, because they make fantastic music. I know and speak the most melodious language in the world.

But I can’t close my eyes on so many problems in our country where the life of ordinary people is so hard. I don’t see my future in Ukraine, but my heart will always be here.


Growing up I understand that love for Ukraine is growing too, and why? Traveling around Ukraine I see mountains, fields, steppes, forests, rivers, lakes, seas, deserts, caves, slopes, ravines… Impossible, how did it all fit in such a country which is not among the biggest in the world? Ukraine is a state with rich history, with strong, talented, smart, independent and freedom-loving people who keep their beautiful traditions with great honour. Ukrainian have kept their nightingale mother tongue. A strong state that survived the wars and the humiliation of the native language. It was believed that the Ukrainian language could disappear forever, but we are recovering as a nation with its language and traditions.  We resume singing folk songs and overcome obstacles by dancing “hopak”. It is obvious that I love Ukraine, and I hope that it won’t lose its territorial integrity, language and people. Everyone should try to do something for our country not to destroy it. Glory to Ukraine!