Do you have problems in finding a good job?

Level A2

Check whether you know these words:

  • face a problem – стикатися з проблемою
  • work in your field – працювати у своїй галузі
  • take advantage of – скористатися
  • gain the knowledge – отримати знання
  • be considered – вважатися
  • loads of – багато
  • catch on – ухопитися
  • register at the job centre – зареєструватися в центрі зайнятості
  • monthly allowance – щомісячна допомога
  • suitable – придатний
  • to underestimate yourself – недооцінювати себе
  • go abroad – поїхати закордон
  • at least – принаймні
  • employer – роботодавець

Nowadays young people face quite a big problem finding a good job. It is not usually difficult to find a job but if you want to work in your field and take advantage of the knowledge you gained at the university, then it is difficult.

In different times different jobs are ‘in’. Some time ago there were so few doctors and lawyers that everybody wanted to be one as they were considered to be well-paid jobs. Now it’s difficult to find a job as a lawyer because there are loads of them and you have to be really good to catch on.

If young people cannot find a job, they have to go and register at the job centre and for a very small monthly allowance they have to wait till a suitable job appears. It must be rather depressing because if nothing comes up you start to underestimate yourself. I would, probably go abroad and do any job rather than here because, like that, I would at least learn a foreign language. It is a good idea to take a PC or a driving course as it sounds more interesting to your possible employer.


  1. How do hobbies and interests affect career choices?
  2. Would you like to climb the ladder of success?
  3. How does education influence career advancement?
  4. Why is education important?
  5. What does success mean to you: a well-paid job or something that makes you happy?
  6. Would you like to work abroad?
  7. What professions in your opinion are considered to be more or less prestigious nowadays? Why?
  8. What knowledge and skills in your opinion are necessary for any job or profession?
  9. How many jobs and professions have you changed in dreams since you were a child?
  10. Do you believe that people are born for this or that profession?
  11. Have you already chosen your future profession? What attracts you in your future profession? What skills are the most important for your future job?