Hi, I ‘m Liza. Have you heard about Vodianyky ski resort in Cherkasy region? If you don’t know about this fantastic place, I’ll tell you with pleasure. One of my favourite winter activities is skiing. My dad and I are into skiing.

Ukrainians, who are crazy about skiing and snowboarding, usually go to the Carpathian Mountains in the west of Ukraine. There are very popular ski resorts there. Vodyanyky is a ski resort located 10 kilometers from the town of Zvenigorodka, Cherkasy region and 200 kilometers from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. We are lucky that it is not very far from our hometown, forty minutes on the car.

The resort has three ski slopes: for beginners, of medium difficulty and with springboards for snowboarders. The length of trails on the territory of the complex is more than two kilometers. They are all well lit and are constantly leveled with a snowcat.

There s an elevator that lifts skiers up. There is also a boogenly lift for beginners.

Artificial snow is formed at a temperature of 3 degrees below zero with the help of snow cannons.

Skiers can ski both during the day and in the evening. In the evening there are powerful lights for skiing.

The resort has a rental where you can get ski equipment: ski boots, snowboards, helmets etc. for the period of skiing.

In the intervals between skiing, you can warm up and drink hot tea, taste delicious Ukrainian dishes in the the cafe “Kolyba”.

The resort has a hotel complex, where guests can stay for a few days.

My family and our friends have recently visited the resort “Vodianyky” and had a great time there skiing in the evening.

I enjoy spending time among the charming snowy hills. That’s why I’d like to recommend ski complex “Vodyanyky” to fans of winter sports.

Would you like to visit Vodianyky Ski Resort in Cherkasy Region? You are welcome!