Tell about your native town, will you?

Year 5 Level A1 / A1+

Hi, I’m Liza. I live in the town of Shpola, Cherkasy Oblast. I’d like to tell you about Shpola my hometown.

Let’s start with the fact that Shpola is the geographical center of Ukraine. Shpola is 75 kilometeres from Cherkasy, our regional centre. My town is more than 400 years old. It is not big. More than seventeen thousand people live in our town.

The teacher of History told us about the origin of the name Shpola. There are some versions. One of them says that our town was named after the Haydamak leader Shpolka who settled on the banks of the river Shpolka. You can learn about the history of our town and district in our history museum.

The haidamaky or haidamaks (singular haidamaka, Ukrainian: Гайдамаки) were  Ukrainian cossack paramilitary outfits composed of commoners (peasants, craftsmen) in the eastern part of the Polish-Ukrainian Commonwealth.

Nature around my hometown is very beautiful. There are many forests and lakes around it.

There are some monuments in our town. You can see the monument to Taras Shevchenko, the monument to soldiers internationalists, an obelisk to soldiers killed during Word War II.

There aren’t big factories in our town. There is a bread factory, a food factory, plant Orion Glass, and a furniture factory.

In Shpola you can have fun visiting a cinema and a house of culture.  There are some clubs for kids: a club of young technicians, an entertainment complex for children “Kid’s Club”. You can eat out in some cafes. I like kid’s cafe.

I love my native town! You are welcome to Shpola my hometown!