The Infinitives

Adjectives Followed by Infinitives

Certain adjectives can be immediately followed by infinitives. In general, the adjectives followed by infinitives describe a person (or persons), not a thing. Many of these adjectives describe a person’s feelings or attitudes.

The expressions with a bullet • are usually followed by infinitive phrases with verbs such as see, learn, discover, find out, hear.

  • glad to (do it)
  • happy to
  • pleased to
  • delighted to
  • content to
  • relieved to
  • lucky to
  • fortunate to
  • sorry to•
  • sad to•
  • upset to•
  • disappointed to•
  • proud to
  • ashamed to
  • ready to
  • prepared to
  • anxious to
  • eager to
  • willing to
  • motivated to
  • determined to
  • careful to
  • hesitant to
  • reluctant to
  • afraid to
  • likely to
  • certain to
  • surprised to•
  • amazed to•
  • astonished to•
  • shocked to•
  • stunned to•

Complete the sentences, using the expressions from the box. Use infinitive phrases in your completions.

Example: Maria always speeds on the expressway. She’s … – She’s certain to get stopped by the police. She’s likely to get a ticket.

  1. There have been a lot of burglaries in my neighbourhood recently, so I have started taking precautions. Now I’ …
  2. I’ve worked hard all day long. Enough’s enough! I’m …
  3. Next month, I’m going to a family reunion – the first one in 25 years. I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m …
  4. Some children grow up in unhappy homes. My family, however, has always been loving and supportive. I’m …
  5. John’s run out of money again, but he doesn’t want anyone to know his situation. He needs money desperately, but he’s …
  6. Rosalyn wants to become an astronaut. That has been her dream since she was a little girl. She has been working hard toward her goal and is …
  7. Mr. Wah was offered an excellent job in another country, but his wife and children don’t want to move. He’s not sure what to do. Although he would like the job, he’s …
  8. Our neighbours had extra tickets to the ballet, so they invited us to go with them. Since both of us love the ballet, we were …
  9. Sally recently told me what wayward brother is up to these days. I couldn’t believe my ears! I was …

Adjectives followed by infinitives. Answer in complete sentences.

  1. What are you careful to do before you cross the street?
  2. What are children sometimes afraid to do?
  3. When you’re tired in the evening, what are you content to do?
  4. If one of your friends has a problem, what are you willing to do?
  5. Sometimes when people don’t know English very well, what are they reluctant to do?
  6. If the teacher announces there is a test tomorrow, what will you be motivated to?
  7. What are you determined to do before you are 70 years old?
  8. What are some things people should be ashamed to do?
  9. Is there anything you are eager to do today or tomorrow?
  10. In what ways are you a fortunate person?
  11. Can you tell me something you were shocked to find out?
  12. Can you tell me something you were astonished to learn?
  13. Can you tell me something you were disappointed to discover?
  14. Can you tell me something you were sad to hear?