Grammar Time: Past Simple Irregular Verbs

Exam in Mind Level B1/ B2

These exercises will help you to review Past Simple irregular verbs.

Exercise 1.  Answer the questions as in the example. Pay attention to Past Simple Irregular Verbs 

Example: Did you sit down? – Yes, I sat down.

  1. Did you drink any coffee before class?
  2. Did you bring your books to class?
  3. Did you forget your briefcase?
  4. Did you shake your head?
  5. Did you catch the bus this morning?
  6. Did you drive to school?
  7. Did you lose your book?
  8. Did you mislay your book?
  9. Did you find your book?
  10. Did you understand what I said?
  11. Did you tell your friend the news?
  12. Did you spread the news?
  13. Did you fall on the ice?
  14. Did you hurt yourself when you fall?
  15. Did you fly to London?
  16. Did you wear a coat to class?
  17. Did you hang your bookbag on a hook?
  18. Did you eat lunch?
  19. Did you take chemistry in high school?
  20. Did you ride the bike to school?
  21. Did you swear to tell the truth?
  22. I made a mistake. Did you forgive me?
  23. Did you write a letter to your family?
  24. Did you bite the dog???
  25. Did you give me some money?
  26. Did you stand at the bus stop?
  27. Did you choose the blue pen?
  28. Did you run to class this morning?
  29. Did you sleep well last night?
  30. Did you hear that noise outside the window?
  31. Did you withdraw some money from the bank?
  32. Did you wake up at seven this morning?
  33. Did you swim in the ocean?
  34. Did you go home after class yesterday?
  35. Did you bend over to pick up a pencil?
  36. Did you send a letter?
  37. Did you sing a song?
  38. Did you stick your hand in your pocket?
  39. Did you grind the pepper?
  40. Did you strike the desk with your hand?
  41. Did you light a match?
  42. Did you mean what you said?
  43. Did you hold your hand up?
  44. Did you speak to Mathew?
  45. Did class begin at nine?
  46. Did the sun rise at six this morning?
  47. Did you cut your finger?
  48. Did it bleed when you cut it?
  49. Did the grass grow after the rain?
  50. Did a bee sting you?
  51. Did the telephone ring?
  52. Did the water freeze?
  53. Did your friend quit school?
  54. Did the soldiers fight?
  55. Did the thief creep into the room?
  56. Did the policeman shoot at the thief?
  57. Did the thief flee?
  58. Did your team win the game yesterday?
  59. Did your car slide on the ice?
  60. Did the door swing open?
  61. Did the children blow up some balloons?
  62. Did the balloons burst?
  63. Did the radio station broadcast the news?
  64. Did you know all the irregular verbs?

Exercise 2. Answer as in the example. Pay attention to Past Simple Irregular Verbs 

Example: Did you shut the door? – No, someone else shut it. 

  1. Did you make that cake?
  2. Did you break that window?
  3. Did you steal my wallet?
  4. Did you take my piece of paper?
  5. Did you draw that picture?
  6. Did you sweep the floor this morning?
  7. Did you teach class yesterday?
  8. Did you dig that hole in the garden?
  9. Did you feed the cat?
  10. Did you hide my book from me?
  11. Did you blow that whistle?
  12. Did you throw the ball?
  13. Did you tear the piece of paper?
  14. Did you build that house?
  15. Did you speak to Helen?
  16. Did you weave the cloth?

What do you think the exercises in Past Simple Irregular Verbs were useful? Did they help you remember irregular verbs?