Do You Like Parties?

Learn the words to speak about children’s parties.

Year 5 Level A1+

Children’s parties are very popular. Parites always have a theme. Children can have a teddy bear or a football party. Their mothers can make a cake in the form of a teddy bear or a football field. Children can make a lot of things for their parties: fancy dresses, party masks, party hats, place markers, name badges, invitations, cakes and posters. Children decorate the room, play games, get and give presents, enjoy singing and dancing. Having parties is real fun!

Word List Children’s Parties

theme parties – тематичні вечірки
Theme parties are my favourite. The theme of the party is Japan so my mum is cooking Japanese food. You choose a theme for your party.

sleep-over party – вечірка з ночівлею
My friends and I like sleep-over parties. If you come, it’ll be a real sleep over party instead of just me and Claire.

fancy dress party – костюмована вечірка
She is fond of fancy dress parties. She invited me for a fancy dress party but I haven’t got a costume.

pyjamas party – піжамна вечірка
I adore pyjamas parties with my friends.

outdoor parties – вечірки на відкритому повітрі
Outdoor parties are great but you need good weather. You may sleep in tent and cook food on the fire. Food always tastes fantastic outdoors!

make a costume – зробити костюм
She is making a costume now. Mum is helping her to make a costume, she’s sewing a dress for a fancy dress party. To make a costume for a funny-hat party, she is knitting a hat .

invite – запрошувати
Did you invite your friends for the party? How many friends have you invited?

guest – гість
There are lots of guests at my birthday party.

invitation – запрошення
We are making invitations for our party.

glue – клей, клеїти
Take the bottle of glue. Glue the card to your album.

envelope – конверт
There is a letter in the envelope. Put your invitation into the envelope.

a piece of (paper, string) – кусочок (паперу, мотузки)
Take a piece of coloured paper to make your invitation card. Glue a piece of string on the name badge.

cut (cut, cut) – різати
Cut out a form of a flower.

blow up a balloon – надувати повітряну кульку
Blow up balloons to decorate the room.

tie – зав’язувати
Let’s tie balloons.

have fun – веселитись, розважатись
We’re having fun at the party.

laugh – сміятись
They often laugh.

fortune tree – дерево удачи
Do you know how to make a fortune tree?

design – оформляти
We can design an invitation card for your party.


What do we make to prepare for a party or holiday?

  • make and write invitations
  • make party decorations
  • decorare the room for the party
  • blow up balloons
  • make name badges to know who is who
  • prepare surprises, interesting games, different contests  for the guests and prizes for the winners
  • buy tasty things like ice cream, sweets, cola and juice
  • make a cake or cookies
  • write jokes on a piece of paper and put them with sweets
  • make a fortune tree for the party
  • prepare music to sing songs and dance

To make name badges you should

  • cut a card
  • glue a piece of string on it
  • write the name of a guest

To make a fortune tree

  • take a bowl
  • put coloured paper on the bowl and a large piece of plasticine into it
  • put the branch into the plasticine
  • write fortunes on pieces of paper and put them with sweets on the tree

What children’s parties do you like? What do you like doing at the parties? Do you like to organize children’s parites?