Writing an Informal Letter

Exam in Mind  Level B1/B2

Let’s write an informal letter A Place in My Country I liked

Imagine you visited a aplces in your country which you really liked. Write a letter to your friend using a plan below:

  • write some words about where the palce is situated and why you went there;
  • give some details about the place and the weather conditions during your stay;
  • what you saw and what you did there;
  • how you feel about the place and whether you recommend to visit it or not.

Dasha’s Letter

Dear Scarlett,

It was nice to hear from you it makes me happy to know that you are doing fine. You asked me about traveling around Ukraine, and I want to share my impressions. I visited Mykulychyn in western Ukraine last month. My relatives live in a small town near Mykulychyn and they told us about that  beautiful village.

Mykulychyn is a low-altitude climate resort located in the Prute river valley. It’s interesting that Mykulychyn is the longest village in Ukraine, with a total length of 44 kilometers. In western Ukraine, as usual, the weather is rainy and windy, but luckily, when I was here, it was sunny and warm. There were many wood houses for tourists and we lived in a huge cottage, which was surrounded by pine trees and the river. Also, the village is located not far from Yaremche, which is one of the most popular tourist places in Ukraine. I was there, and tried some Ukrainian dishes. I recorded a video of a loud waterfall there and many people who were walking on the bridge and buying souvenirs.

There were some little private businesses, which provided everyone with some activities. We could use various tourist services there, such as cycling, ATV tours, hiking, ski tourism, equestrian tourism, tours in the Carpathians, and rafting. We didn’t have enough time to try everything, but I have many memories of climbing the Carpathians, spending fantastic time with my family. I was surprised how beautiful my native country is. Now I want to spend some time in Mykyluchyn again, and try some extreme activities. In addition, Mykulychyn lies within the Carpathian National Nature Park. It is really important, because nature is protected there. I’m looking forward to visiting this amazing place again.

I’m sure, you’ll love this place because nature is so beautiful there and the air is so clean. You can see and try some new, interesting things. Also, you will meet new culture, traditions, cuisine. I recommend you to think over the plan of visiting Mylulychyn next spring. Don’t miss the chance!

Best wishes,


Will you please write your informal letter A Place in My Country I liked