Write about a cartoon character, will you?

Level A1+ (Upper Elementary)

Hi, I’m Liliya and I’m fond of watching cartoons. Some of them are really amazing. My favourite cartoon characters are warm-hearted and kind, generous and helpful, cheerful and funny. But today I’d like to tell you about the Snow Queen. She is the queen of snowflakes and travels throughout the world with the snow. She lives in the North. Her castle and gardens around are in the lands where the weather is always frosty. She lives in the land of eternal cold and frost.

She travels in a sleigh which is pulled by beautiful white horses. The Snow Queen can use magic. She takes the boy, Kai by name, to her palace and promises to free him if he can make the word “eternity” using the pieces of ice.

I watched not only a cartoon about the Snow Queen but the film as well. I enjoyed watching the film where the Snow White is the main heroine. By the way, the cartoon and the film are based on the fairy tale by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. I enjoyed reading his other fairy tales as well.

I like the Snow Queen because she is amazingly beautiful and unusual. She has got long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes with long thick white eyelashes. She’s wearing a lovely sparkling white dress  and has got an amazing crown on her head. She’s made of snowflakes and ice. She hasn’t got a heart, only a piece of ice. The Snow Queen is lonely and I feel pity for her. She doesn’t know what real love is. Real love warms our hearts!