Learn More About English Meals

Level A1+ (Upper Elementary) Year 5

Hi, I’m Liza. Would you like to read about English meals with me?

English people usually have four meals during the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

At about 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning people have breakfast. They eat porridge or cornflakes with milk or sugar, fried or boiled eggs with bacon, bread and butter or toast with marmalade or jam and a cup of tea.

At 11 o’clock the English have lunch. They like to eat fish and chips, potatoes, beans, carrots, cabbage or peas. People usually drink tea, coffee, juice or lemonade. Schoolchildren have their lunch in the school canteen. The food on the menu is healthy. There is salad and there are vegetables, some kinds of soup like chicken soup or vegetable soup, meat pie or vegetable pie for the main course and fresh fruit and apple pie for dessert. Some children bring their packed lunch with sandwiches and fruit.

At 5 o’clock the English have tea with milk, a cake or a roll with jam.

The English have the evening meal, dinner or supper, at 7 o’clock. People usually have a plate of soup, meat or chicken with vegetables, cheese, fresh or tinned fruit, ice cream or an apple pie.

Are these statements true or false?

  1. English people usually have three meals during the day.
  2. People have breakfast at about 9 o’clock.
  3. Many people have lunch at 1 o’clock.
  4. Schoolchildren have their lunch at home.
  5. Schoolchildren don’t bring their packed lunch to school.
  6. English people usually have a plate of soup, some meat with vegetables and an apple pie for dessert in the evening.

I can speak about English meals. And you? Do you like English food? How many meals during the day do you usually have?