Read About American Schools

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Why Go to School?

American students attend primary and secondary schools for twelve years. The school here goes from the first to the twelfth grades.

Around the age of six, American children begin primary school. It is often called elementary school. They attend five or six years and then start secondary school. Secondary school consists of two programs: the first one is junior high school and the second one is high school.

All children have the right to a free elementary and secondary education in the USA. Public education is the responsibility of the state.

All students get a diploma or certificate when they graduate from high school. After that American students may go on to college or university.

College or univeristy study is known as higher education. American colleges or universities can be public or private.

American Schools

Americans have always aimed for equal opportunities in education. Americans spend six years in elementary school, four or six years secondary or high school. At the end of every school year the pupil takes a test. If he doesn’t do well, he has to repeat a year once more. If he does well, he goes into the next class. School education is free.

At more advanced level pupils can choose some subjects. Pupils take an active part in extracurricular activities. Many different sports are also available.

At the end of their time at school, most students get a secondary school diploma. If they want to go to college, they take college admission tests.

Teaching in the country is usually very informal. Students often work together in groups and go to the teacher only when they do need help.

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