Let’s speak about our hobbies and interests

Year 5 Level A1+ (Upper Elementary)

It’s important to have hobbies and interests, they help us live more interesting.

Check whether you know these words

pastime – розвага

fair – ярмарок
She is at the school fair. I like making things for a school fair.

collect –колекціонувати, збирати
Do you collect anything? People like collecting different things.

stamp – марка
He collects stamps. A person who collects or studies maps is called a philatelist.

rock – камінь
He collects rocks. Rock collecting is an exciting hobby.

collection – колекція
He has got an unusual collection. He’s got a valuable collection of stamps.

coin – монета
My uncle collects coins.

cartoon – мультфільм
I like watching cartoons in my free time. Mickey Mouse is her favourite cartoon character. Who is your favourite cartoon character?

be fond of – любити
She is fond of dancing. What are you fond of doing in your free time?

be interested in – цікавитись
He is interested in history. Are you interested in geography?

camera – фотоапарат
He’s got a good camera because his hobby is photography and he takes amazing photos.

take pictures / take photos – фотографувати
He likes taking pictures of animals. Do you like taking photos?

drawing – малюнок
These are her drawings, I think they are lovely. Her hobby is drawing horses.

each – кожен
Each of us has got a hobby because it makes our life more interesting.

use – користуватися
I use my camera to take pictures. I use paints and a set of brushes to paint. I use pencils to draw.

play the piano (the guitar, the drums) – грати на піаніно ( гітарі, ударних)
My elder brother plays the guitar. Can he play the piano? He plys the drums very well.

play tennis (football, hockey, chess) – грати в теніс (футбол, хокей, шахи)
He is fond of playing chess. He plays hockey in winter. Can you play chess?

go swimming (skating, running) – займатися плаванням (катанням на ковзанах, бігом)
She goes swimming in summer and skating in winter. My mum goes running.

aerobics – аеробіка
She does aerobics on Mondays and Fridays. Would you like to attend aerobics classes? You can join our aerobics club.

choir – хор
She sings in the school choir because she is interested in music. Is there a choir at your school?

drama group – драмгурток
She’s a member of the school drama group and often takes part in performances.

practice yoga – займатися йогою
My uncle practices yoga, he attends yoga classes twice a week.

ride a horse – їздити верхи
He is fond of riding a horse. My grandpa could ride a horse.

read comics – читати комікси
They like reading comics. Reading comics is funny.

serial – серіал
She watches her favourite TV serial on Fridays.

soap opera – мильна опера, серіал
My granny likes watching soap operas but I never watch them.

band – оркестр
He plays the drums in the school band. He’s a guitarist in the school band.

journalist – журналіст
He likes to take interviews and writes articles so he wants to become a journalist.

culture – культура
I am interested in the culture of Great Britain that’s why I like reading books about British traditions.

bake – пекти, випікати
My mum often bakes cakes, bread and cookies. Baking is her hobby.

melody – мелодія
She has got an ear for music and always sings different melodies. Have you got an ear for music?

remote control – пульт дистанційного керування
Have you got a remote control car? The remote control car race is an unusual sport.

contact – зв’язатися
I contact my friends to ask about the homework. I must contact my friends to invite them to my birthday party.

useful – корисний
I love painting. It’s useful for my Art classes.

waste time – марнувати час
Our teacher always asks us not to waste our time.

freak – дивак
She’s a health freak. She never eats unhealthy food.

experience – досвід
Travelling gives us good experience. E-mailing with native speakers is a good experience in learning English. Hobbies and interests give us useful experience.

search – шукати
I always search for the additional information in the Internet.

be keen on – палко захоплюватись чимсь
She’s keen on e-mailing. She taught me how to use the e-mail box.

Speak about your hobbies and interests. Say what you are keen on and love doing in your free time.