English Olympiad Year 10 Speaking Test 2

English Olympiad

Do English Olympiad Year 10 Speaking Test 2. These twenty situations for speaking will help you improve your speaking skills and prepare for English Olympiad and an exam.

Speaking Comprehension Test for 10th Form Students

1.What do you think are the main dangers of scientific advances? What laws do you think we need to protect societies from these dangers?

2. Have computers changed society for the better or for the worse?

3. What would happen if you could become invisible whenever you wanted to? What are some of the things you could do that you cannot do now?

4. What would happen if there were no cars, buses, trains, boats, or planes? How would this change your life?

5. What would you invent to make life better?

6. What would you regard as the most significant events in your country’s recent history?

7. If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change?

8. Holidays honour people or events. If you could create a new holiday, what person or event would it honour and how would you want people to celebrate it?

9. Because of developments in communication and transportation, countries are becoming more and more alike. How is your country becoming more similar to other places?

10.Try to discuss the points about the Internet:

  • What is your experience of the internet?
  • What are the dangers of the internet?
  • What impact does the internet have on society?
  • What do you think will happen to the internet in the future?

11. Try to discuss the points about educational system:

  • Does school prepare you for real life?
  • What is Ukrainian educational system like from your experience?
  • In what ways is English used in your country?
  • How do people in your country learn English?
  • Do you believe there should be a choice of private (paying) versus state schools?

12. What do you know about the educational systems in other countries?

13. How would you compare your living standards to those of your grandparents?

14. What does “youth culture” mean?

  • Which art forms most influence young people today?
  • How much do young people influence society as a whole?
  • Who are some of young Ukrainians’ heroes, the icons of Ukrainian youth culture?

15. Most high level jobs are done by men. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?

16. In your opinion what factors contribute to a good movie?

17. Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?

18. Should sports classes be sacrificed in High School so students can concentrate on Academic subjects?

19. Computers can translate all kinds of languages well so our children don’t need to learn more languages in the future?

20. Are you looking forward to anything in particular in Australia / UK / USA ?

21. How do you think you will cope abroad?

22. Living in a foreign country can be extremely trying. Talk about some of the difficulties, other than speaking another language.

What situations for speaking in English Olympiad Year 10 Speaking Test 2 were:

  • the easiest

  • the most difficult

  • the most interesting

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