English Olympiad Year 9 Reading Test 2

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For those students who are keen on learning English and would like to check themselves doing English Olympiad Year 9 Reading Test 2

Reading Comprehension Test for Year 9 Students

You are going to read an article about baseball. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

1 The writer says that baseball

A is played only in America.

B is not popular in countries like Japan.

C started in South America.

D is becoming more popular all over the world.

2 Which sentence isn’t true about baseball?

A It was first played during the 1850s.

B It is an Olympic sport.

C The rules have changed quite a lot over the years.

D It started in New York.

3 Which piece of equipment is not mentioned in the text?

A bat

 B ball

C glove

 D mask

4 What is the baseball field like?

A it has an infield, an outfield and a middle field.

B The are 3 diamonds on the ground.

C There are 3 bases on the diamond.

D It is usually in an indoor stadium.

5 The game is divided into

A two halves.

B nine innings.

C three bases.

D an infield and an outfield.

6 The object of the game is to

A catch as many balls as you can.

B hit the ball the farthest.

C score the most runs.

D bat as often as you can.

Take me Out to the Ballpark

Baseball is sometimes called a national pastime in America because it is a much- loved national sport. Of course, baseball is not limited to the USA. It has been played for many years in the countries of South America and is very popular in Japan. Europe is another matter. Not many baseball teams exist in Europe today. That, however, is slowly changing. Since baseball is an Olympic sport, more and more countries are putting together teams and joining the game!

Going to baseball games is a way of life for many fans. They sit in the stands on hot and sunny spring and summer days, eat hot dogs or popcorn, sip cola or lemonade and enjoy the game. Adults and children alike attend games, and it’s a sport that everyone seems to love. Baseball is such a part of American life that nearly everyone’s favourite childhood memory includes a day at the ballpark.

When and where did the game of baseball start? Well, people have been playing games with a stick and a ball for hundreds of years! Modern baseball, however, began about 150 years ago in New York, USA, and has been a popular sport ever since. It has changed a little bit over the years, but the basic game remains the same.

Baseball is played with a bat, which is a stick about 100cm long made of metal or wood, and a small hard ball. Each player also wears one heavy leather glove to catch the ball. Baseball gear usually consists of a lightweight shirt and trousers that come down just past the knees. Players wear shoes with spikes to help them run, just as football players do, and a baseball cap, which is something everyone is familiar with!

Baseball is played on a special outdoor field which has two parts, the infield and the outfield. In the infield is an area shaped like a diamond that indicates the boundaries of the playing area. On the diamond, there are also the three bases that the players must run over to score. The outfield is an open grassy area where players wait to catch the balls that are hit by other players.

The game of baseball is divided into nine parts, called innings. During an inning, each of the two teams takes its turn to bat, which means trying to hit the ball that is thrown to them by the pitcher of the other team. After the ball is hit, the player tries to run and touch three different bases before running to home base. The team not batting tries to catch the balls that are hit and stop the runners before they score. The team that scores the most runs by the end of the ninth inning wins. It’s a game that can go very slowly for a while then suddenly have a series of fast and exciting moves!

Fans love baseball games! The stands are usually filled for the games. People enjoy a day at the ballpark cheering on their favourite team and relaxing in the summer sun. So what are you waiting for? Put on your baseball cap and give it a try!

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  1. Bogdan 20.11.2020 at 22:30 - Reply

    Nowadays, sports games are very popular all over the world. They became a huge business. Popular sportsmen earn millions. Rates in sport are becoming more and more popular, and rating companies have much money every day. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. It has many fans. As for me, this game doesn’t appeal to me. I can’t find anything interesting in this kind of sport. In Ukraine, one of the most popular sport games is football. And I think, that football is more spread around the world than baseball. When I was a child, I watched football matches with great pleasure and enthusiasm and what is more, I had idols in this kind of sport. But now I don’t like football at all. I am not interested in sport, especially watching it on TV. But as for the text, I find it informative.

  2. Liza 25.11.2020 at 15:51 - Reply

    The three most popular sports played in America are football, baseball, and basketball. As for baseball, it is very popular in America, but it isn’t popular in Ukraine. As for me, I don’t know how to play baseball and I’m not interested in it. When the Olympics are broadcast on TV, my dad loves watching competitions in this kand of sport. I don’t like baseball but I like volleyball. Now we play volleyball at our PE classes. Some years ago I took part on volleyball competitions and our team always won. I like to volley the ball as I do it well. By the way, PE is one of my favorite subjects.

  3. Dasha 25.11.2020 at 22:52 - Reply

    All over the world, there are many sport teams. And many sport fans follow teams and can’t miss the match. This information tells us about baseball. It’s popular more in America, than in Ukraine. But I’m sure, that we have boys, who love American atmosphere and baseball, and they make local teams to enjoy their hobbies. Ukrainian people play football or soccer more. Sport connects us with the world. On every continent, in every country, city and town people have favourite kinds of sport and teams. And it is big happiness, when favourite team wins.

  4. Ashish Kumar 28.12.2020 at 07:35 - Reply

    I really enjoyed the reading comprehension test provided here. I have appeared for the English Olympiad exams multiple times. Appearing in Olympiads has always helped me to improve my lateral skills. I would definitely recommend this website to my friends as a lot of valuable content is provided here. Also, the Olympiad Success organization has really helped me to secure a rank in the Olympiad exam. It is the best organization for helping students preparing for various Olympiad exams that have helped me. Please recommend me more organization names that can help me preparing for the Olympiad exams.

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