English Olympiad Year 10  Speaking Test 1

English Olympiad

There are twenty situations for speaking in English Olympiad Year 10 Speaking Test 1. They will help you improve your speaking skills and prepare for English Olympiad and an exam.

Speaking Comprehension Test for Year 10 Students

1.What aspect of English do you find most difficult? How do you cope with the problem?

2. In your opinion what are the most serious problems associated with modern city life? How, do you think, they should be solved?

3. Develop a fitness programme for yourself. Describe the type of foods you eat, and the type of health programme you like to follow.

4. What role does tourism play in your country’s economy? Give the reasons to support your answer.

5. Imagine that you are designing the metro.

  • What new stations should be opened in your city?
  • Where and how should they be connected?
  • Name three things you like and you don’t like about the metro.
  • Do you think that metro stations are comfortable enough?
  • Would you like to add something to the underground halls?

6. How do you think the Internet will change entertainment in the future?

  • Can you give some details on how it will be done?
  • Will this affect traditional movie theatres?
  • What will happen to traditional movie theatres in the future?

7. Describe a musical performance you have seen and heard.

  • What instruments were played?
  • Were there any particular attributes of the performers that you admired?
  • How did the audience respond to the performance?

8. If you were given an opportunity to create your own TV-show

  • What kind of show would it be? Why?
  • Whom would you ask to become an anchorman of the show?
  • What traits of character do you think this person should have?
  • What problems would you illustrate in your show?

9. Imagine that your greatest dream has finally come true. But this will last for only one day.

  • What would you like to get?
  • What’s your dream?
  • How would you like to spend this unique day?

10. You are at a cafe in your home city, and you notice a person at a neighboring table who obviously doesn’t speak Ukrainian, and therefore is struggling with the waitress and the menu. You guess this person is from Great Britain.

  • Introduce yourself to the person and indicate that you are willing to help if he/ she needs help.
  • Explain what on the menu is, and describe things that wouldn’t be on a menu in his native country.
  • Make a recommendation.
  • Offer this person some advice or some places to visit while he/ she is in your town.

11. Imagine that it is the year 3000. The mayor has asked you to design the perfect city.

  • What will you do first?
  • What will it look like?
  • What kinds of buildings will you design?
  • How will the people in the city live, work, travel?

12. You meet up with a friend whom you haven’t seen for several years.

  • Tell him/her about the events in your family and in your school that have happened since you last saw him/her.
  • Tell your friend how your goals have changed; what do you want to become?

13. If you could become a character from any book or play that you have read.

  • Who would that character be?
  • What does this character do that you consider so good?
  • What time period, does this character live in?
  • How would you adjust to living in this time period?

14. Your mother comes home and finds that several of your friends are in the apartment. She has told you that you shouldn’t have people there when she is out.

  • Explain why your friends are there.
  • Convince your mother not to punish you.
  • Explain your friends how they should act so that your mother doesn’t get angry.

15. You are going to start up a business. You have the money, you have the space, and you have the workers.

  • What product will you sell?
  • What types of people would be interested in your product?
  • How will you advertise this product?
  • Give a simple advertising motto.

16. What stereotypes do you think the foreigners have about Ukraine?

  • Do you feel that these stereotypes are correct?
  • What stereotypes do you feel are particularly harmful for the Ukrainian people?
  • What can you do to change these stereotypes?

17. Advertisements are very much a feature of modern life. To create an effective advertisement takes some imagination, time, effort and creativity. Design an advertisement for a new shopping centre

18. Say if you agree with this statement: “The love of money is the root of all evil, but the possession of it is an opportunity for much good.”

19. Do you agree that “some of the best lessons are learned from mistakes and failures.”

20. There are usually pleasant and unpleasant sides to every job. Choose three jobs you would like to do and find pros and cons.

What situations for speaking in English Olympiad Year 10  Speaking Test 1 were:

  • the easiest

  • the most difficult

  • the most interesting

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