I’d Like to Speak About My Friends and Me

Year 5 Level A1+

Word List

a diary – щоденник
This is my learning diary. My sister has got a diary where she writes about her thoughts and feelings.

a boxer – боксер
My friend has a dog. It’s a boxer. Brothers Klichko are famous Ukrainian boxers.

a Dalmatian – далматинець
Have you seen the cartoon about one hundred and one Dalmatians? My friend would like to have a Dalmatian.

feed (fed, fed) – годувати
I must feed my pet.

budgie – хвилястий папужка
She’s got two budgies.

ginger – імбир; рудий
She likes tea with ginger. He’s called “Ginger” because of his bright ginger hair.

lonely – самотній
I’m not lonely because I’ve got lots of friends.

would like – хотів би
What pet would you like to have? I’d like to have a hamster.

be crazy about – божеволіти, дуже любити
I am crazy about dogs. She’s crazy about dancing hip hop.

straight – прямий
She’s got straight blonde hair. Her nose is straight. Go straight along the street.

curly hair – кучеряве волосся
Her hair is curly.

wavy hair – хвилясте волосся
He’s got wavy dark hair.

special – особливий
Boys and girls in my class are special.

address – адреса
What’s your address? Do you know how to write your address in English?

quarrel – сваритися
Stop quarrelling! My friend and I often argue but we never quarrel.

fight – битися
Boys, stop fighting! Children mustn’t fight.

friendly – дружній
Our new teacher of Science is friendly.

intelligent – розумний, тямущий
My father is the most intelligent person I know.

pay attention to – звертати увагу
You must pay attention to what he says. I pay attention to my friend’s advice.

leisure – відпочинок, дозвілля
How much time do you have for leisure? What do you like doing at your leisure time?

unusual – незвичайний
She’s an unusual girl.

sporty – спортивний
He is sporty, he is a member of a football club.

nickname – прізвисько
Do you have a nickname?

lollipop – льодяник
She likes lollipops, that’s why her nickname is Lollipop.

curious – допитливий
She’s very curious.

imaginative – повний фантазії, з багатою уявою
She’s an imaginative girl.

scientist – вчений
He wants to be a scientist.

telescope – телескоп
He’s got a telescope he likes watching the stars.

laboratory / lab – лабораторія
He’s crazy about Science so he’s got a real mini lab in his room.

musical – музикальний
He loves music, he is very musical.

polite – ввічливий
She’s very polite, she always says “Thank you” and “Please”.

helpful – готовий допомогти
She’s very helpful.

shy – сором’язливий
She’s a bit shy.

clumsy – незграбний
He’s a bit clumsy, he often drops things.

lazy – ледачий
My friend is a bit lazy.

tidy – охайний
She’s a tidy girl.

message – повідомлення
Do you send text messages to your friends?

bully – забіяка, хуліган
He’s a bully, nobody wants to be his friend.

carefully – обережно; уважно
Cross the road carefully. I do my homework carefully.

invite – запрошувати
Do you sometimes invite friends to your place? I always invite my friends to my birthday party.

share – ділитися
Do you share things with your friends? I always share my joys and my problems with my friend.

trust – довіряти; вірити
Do you trust your friends?

join – приєднуватись
Do you want to join our club? She joined a tennis club last week.

The Golden Rule of behaviour: Do as you would be done by. – Золоте правило поведінки: Роби так, як ти хочеш, щоб робили по відношенню до тебе.

About My Friends and Me

Use this word list ‘Traits of Character’ to speak about yourself and about your friends:
What do you look like? What kind of person are you?
What does your friend look like? What is your friend like? (What kind of person is he/she?)

  • kind – добрий
  • helpful – готовий допомогти
  • kind-hearted – сердечний
  • lazy – ледачий
  • sociable – комунікабельний
  • friendly – дружній
  • angry – сердитий
  • strict – суворий
  • intelligent – розумний, тямущий
  • easy-going – добродушний
  • clever – розумний, здібний
  • smart – розумний, дотепний
  • shy – сором’язливий
  • noisy – крикливий
  • nice – милий
  • imaginative – повний фантазії, з багатою уявою
  • curious – допитливий
  • witty – дотепний
  • lonely – самотній
  • happy – щасливий
  • lively – жвавий
  • cheerful – бадьорий
  • industrious – працьовитий, старанний
  • attentive – уважний
  • inattentive – неуважний
  • clumsy – незграбний
  • honest – чесний
  • rude – грубий
  • quiet – тихий
  • boastful – хвалькуватий
  • hard-working – працьовитий
  • full of ideas – повний ідей
  • dull – нудний
  • polite – ввічливий
  • impolite – неввічливий

Task 1. Complete the sentences using the adjectives to describe the children’s character:
lovely, honest, polite, industrious, cheerful, helpful, smart, hard-working.

  1. Peter always tells the truth. He is _______________.
  2. Sam works hard. He is _______________.
  3. Jane always supports her friends, when they are in trouble. She is _______________.
  4. Sally always says “please” and “thank you”. She is _______________.
  5. Sue is full of energy. She is a _______________ person.
  6. Tom is a hard-working person. He is _______________.
  7. David is clever and intelligent. He is a _______________ person.
  8. Ann often brings happiness. She is a _______________ person.

Task 2. Fill in the articles a, an or the where they are necessary.

  1. We are going to have ____ new pupil in our class.
  2. ____ new pupil came in and sat down at ____ desk behind Mary.
  3. Jane gave Helen ____ pencil and ____ ruler.
  4. ____ new girl was ____ very shy at first.
  5. Peter is ____ industrious boy.
  6. What are ____ best traits of character people can have?

Task 3 Do some memory work. Learn this short poem by heart. This poem is about my friends and me.


The boys are handsome
And the girls are pretty.
We all are clever
And very witty.

We like to study.
We like to rest.
We are always happy.
We are the best!

We have many friends,
We are very polite,
We never lose our temper
And our manners are right.