Take Care of Your Health

Year 5 Level A1+

Health and Body Care Word List

health – здоров’я
We should take care of our health. Health and body care are important. Health is above wealth.

healthy – здоровий
We want to be healthy. Eat healthy food.

unhealthy – нездоровий
I try not to eat unhealthy food.

Health is above wealth. – Здоров’я краще багатства.

pale – блідий
She is so pale because she is not well.

to be ill / to be sick – бути хворим
My friend is ill today that’s why he is not at school. Is he sick?

high temperature – висока температура
Sometimes I have high temperature.

illness – хвороба
Flu is a common illness in cold time of the year.

disease – хвороба
He suffers from a heart disease.

dirt – бруд
You’ve got some dirt on your face.

germ – бактерія, мікроб
Wash your hands with soap to kill germs.

to visit the doctor regularly – відвідувати лікаря регулярно
We should visit the doctor regularly.

pain – біль (гострий)
She sometimes has pain in  her stomach.

to feel sick (ill) – почувати хворим
My mother is tired and feels sick.

toothache – зубний біль
We go to the dentist when we have a toothache.

earache – біль в усі
He’s got an earache.

backache – біль у спині
My grandpa has a backache.

stomachache – біль у животі
The boy has a stomachache.

headache – головний біль
She often has headaches.

bad cold – застуда
The doctor told that I had a bad cold.

cough – кашель, кашляти
The dust made her cough. 

sore throat – хворе горло
She often has a sore throat.

to hurt (hurt, hurt) – боліти, забити, поранити
Ouch! I’ve hurt my arm.

What’s the matter? – Що трапилось?

cuts and bruises – подряпини та синці
I fell off my bike and had some cuts and bruises.

bandage – бинт
She put a bandage on the cut.

ache – біль (тривалий); боліти
His body ached for a week.

the chemist’s – аптека
We buy medicines at the chemist’s.

medicine – ліки
The doctor prescribed me some medicines.

pill – таблетка
I take a pill when I have a headache.

to take the medicine – приймати ліки
You must take the medicine three times a day.

to listen to heart and lungs – слухати серце і легені
The doctor listened to my heart and lungs.

to stay in bed – залишатися в ліжку
The doctor told me to stay in bed for  three days.

to write a prescription – виписати рецепт
The doctor wrote a prescription.

to follow the doctor’s advice – слідувати пораді лікаря
I followed the doctor’s advice and got well in some days.

injury – травма
They were lucky to escape injury.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. – Хто рано встає, тому бог дає.

to examine – оглядати
A doctor examines a patient.

prescription – рецепт
Take the prescription and buy this cough mixture at the chemist’s.

patient – пацієнт
A patient is a person who is receiving medical care.

A sound mind in a sound body. – В здоровому тілі здоровий дух.

Speak About the Doctor’s Visit

  1. I was ill two weeks ago.
  2. I had a headache and a sore throat.
  3. I had high temperature.
  4. I was sneezing and coughing badly.
  5. My mother called the doctor.
  6. The doctor examined me.
  7. She listened to my heart and lungs, looked at my throat.
  8. She said that there was nothing serious just a bad cold.
  9. She prescribed me some medicines.
  10. She recommended taking medicines three times a day, gargling my throat and staying in bed for some days.
  11. I followed the doctor’s advice and I felt much better in a week.

What should you do to have a  healthy life?

Health and body care are important. To have a healthy life I should / shouldn’t

  • do my morning exercises
  • take a shower
  • brush teeth in the morning and in the evening
  • have a good diet
  • eat enough vegetables and fruit
  • wash hands before meals
  • smoke
  • go to the policlinics for medical checkup
  • take care of my health
  • eat much sugar, salt, fat
  • play computer games for hours
  • watch TV for the whole day
  • go in for sport
  • keep my clothes clean
  • tidy up my room every day