Writing an Informal Letter

Exam in Mind

Imagine you are spending a holiday at an activity camp. Write a letter to your friend and tell:

  • what you are doing there
  • which of the activities you like and which ones you don’t like very much
  • how you feel about the camp and whether you could recommend it

Diana’s Letter from the Activity Camp

Hi Nastya and Polina,

Thanks for your letter! It is great that you don’t forget about me. You’ve asked me so many questions so I’ll try to answer all of them. I have been staying in the activity camp for two weeks. I really miss you two. Just wait for one week and we will meet again! I really want to call you but there is no connection. But it is really great that once a week we have internet access to write to our friends and parents.

The weather here is great, but this week we had a little rain. As you know, the camp is in the forest, so it isn’t very hot here in any weather. The temperature is comfortable, but nights are really cold. As for the food – it is great. We have 7 meals a day! They include, breakfast, fruit snack, lunch, fruit snack, dinner, supper and a packet of yogurt before going to bed. The menu is different every day and everything is very delicious.

As for activities, we have no time for being bored. Our daily routine is vety busy. We do morning exercises, go to the river or the park every day. In the evening we have different activities such as sports competitions, quizzes, contests and many others. If we are active, we can even get a prize! We also have discos every night! I like everything, and it is hardly to say which activities I dislike. Each of us can take part in these activities, but I prefer to be a spectator.

In general, I can say that the camp is a great one. I even think that the price is too small! Each house has two rooms for four people and two bathrooms. Everything is clean and our houses are tidied up every day. There are many things which are the same every day but it is okay because each day brings some new adventures. I’ve made many new friends here, which is very surprising for me. I miss you, and I think that these weeks would be much funnier if you were here.

Next Friday, we will meet again! I can’t wait to see you. Get ready to my endless stories!

Love you,

Write your letter from the activity camp, will you?