Aspects of Grammar: The Noun

Exam in Mind Level B1 / B2

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Revise the Noun: singular and plurals and the Possessive Case

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The Noun: Singular and Plural, Possessive Case

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The Noun Test

Complete the sentences below using the correct alternative from those marked A, B, C, or D.

1.When I came into ____ cottage, the family ____ sitting round the table playing draughts. Draughts ____ their favourite game They like to play ____ in the evenings.

  • the Holley’s, were, are, it
  • Holleys, was, are, them
  • the Holleys’, were, is, it
  • Holleys’s, was, is, them

2. When he was going through a narrow passage between two ____, he heard ____. These were his neighbours, two ____ girls.

  • merrys-go-round, laugh, twenty-years old
  • merry-go-rounds, a laugh, twenty-year old
  • merry-goes-round, laughter, twenty-years old
  • merry-goes-rounds, a laughter, twenty-year old

3. They decided to open a season. Though it was a fashionable party and the walls were decorated with ____ and ____, the majority of the guests ____ wearing jeans and T-shirts.

  • lilies-of-the-valley, forget-me-nots, were
  • lily-of-the-valleys, forget-me-nots, were
  • lilies-of-the-valley, forget-me-not, was
  • lilies-of-the-valleys, forget-me-nots, was

4. The ____ wife was wearing a plain white dress with a string of pearls that cost more than my ____ salary.

  • governor’s general, two years’
  • governor-general’s two years’
  • governor-general, two years
  • governor’s-general’s, two-year

5. He pulled off his gloves and put ____ onto the dressing table. She noticed that ____ brand new. So was his hat.

  • it, it was
  • it, they were
  • them, it was
  • them, they were

6. He conducted a lot of ____ into ____ but ____ a failure.

  • researches, hay fevers, they were
  • research, hay fever, it was
  • researches, hay fever, it was
  • research, hay fevers, they were

7. The proceeds of the campaign ____ been spent on the construction of the Children Care Centre. Road works ____ being held there to build a new ____ crossing.

  • has, are, pedestrian’s
  • have, are, pedestrian
  • has, is, pedestrians
  • have, is, pedestrians’

8. Look, Mary is playing with scissors! Take ____ away from her, ____ may cut into her fingers.

  • it, it
  • them, it
  • it, they
  • them, they

9. Here ____ the pocket money my uncle has sent me today. ____ will be enough to settle all my debts

  • are, It
  • is, They
  • is, It
  • are, They

10. The criteria ____ too vague. If there were a sharper ____ to make our choice, I would be happy.

  • is, criterion
  • are, criterion
  • is, criteria
  • are, criteria

11. The latest news from the Middle East countries ____ disturbing. A close-up camera showed a man running somewhere. His face was bruised and his clothes ____ torn.

  • was, were
  • were, were
  • was, were
  • were, was

12. The premises ____ big enough, but the inspection took them a lot of ____, and they had to drive home at ____.

  • was, time, dusks
  • were, times, a dusk
  • was, times, dusk
  • were, time, dusk

13. The price for ____ has increased by ten ____ in the last quarter. Lodgings ____ very expensive nowadays.

  • an accommodation, per cent, is
  • accommodation, per cent, are
  • accommodations, per cents, is
  • accommodation, per cents, are

14. That species of birds ____ migrant and ____ found in Africa in winter. Our surroundings ____ too severe for such birds and they leave ____ early in September.

  • is, is, are, them
  • are, are, are, them
  • is, is, is, it
  • are, are, is, it

15. The crossroads at our supermarket ____ a dangerous place. The traffic lights will help both pedestrians and drivers to avoid accidents. The police ____ to set ____ here.

  • are, needs, them
  • is, need, them
  • are, needs, it
  • is, need, it

16. Measles ____ a dangerous disease and a lot of children catch ____ at an early age.

  • is, them
  • is, it
  • are, them
  • are, it
  1. Reliable ____ about everyday clothing from the past ____ hard to obtain.
  • evidences, are
  • evidence, is
  • evidences, is
  • evidence, are