How to Stay Healthy

Say some words to express your opinion

  • what people should do to stay healthy
  • why people go in for sports
  • how sport influences our body and mind
  • how often you feel ill

Veronika’s Opinion Level A2

Sport is an integral part of many people’s lives.  It keeps our body in shape.  I’m a teenager and at my age children do many sports: aerobics, skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling, scootering, swimming, dancing, running, jumping on a trampoline, etc.  Everyone chooses the sport to their liking.  It all depends on a person’s preferences and physical abilities.  Sport develops not only our body but also the brain.  For example, when we play sports outdoors, the brain is saturated with oxygen, which is very important.  Martial arts help to think over every step and trains reactions.  There are also crossword puzzles and chess which develop thinking skills.  I don’t really like chess or crossword puzzles, but I like dancing.  I go sport dancing and have training sessions three times a week and also train at home.

Sport helps me not to fall ill because I really don’t like to be sick.  So I try to take care my health.  I try to dress warmer when it’s cold outside.  I take pills to maintain immunity and do sports.  That’s why I rarely get sick, and it’s cool.  But when I’m sick, I drink a lot of tea, stay in bed, take medicines, etc.  I have chronic tonsillitis, that is when you have a sore throat, luckily it is not constant.  Because of this, when I have a sore throat, I gargle it with water with salty or soda.  And last year I rarely have it hurts!  When I cough, my mother calls a doctor, who is my  godmother, and she comes, examines me and prescribes some medicines.  I am not afraid of doctors at all, and I am very grateful to them for helping all the people in the world.  I’d like to thank all of them for their work!

To crown it all, it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle to enjoy life, be happy ans stay healthy!