Exam in Mind

Imagine that your school magazine has asked its readers to submit articles entitled “What Kind of Life Can a Child Born in the Year 2050 Expect?” Write an article (150 – 170 words) and state positive and negative predictions and reasons.

Student’s Work ‘Life in Future’

How would a 17-year-old boy or girl feel if he or she found himself or herself in year 2067? I wish I knew what kind of life people lived in the future in fifty years.

I believe that people will live longer due to better medicine. Maybe scientists will manage to invent a way to correct genetic defects and treat such horrible diseases like cancer.
In my opinion we won’t travel on holidays to other planets or galaxies but I hope science and new technologies will let us live longer and happier lives here on Earth. For sure absolutely new means of transport will appear.
I think that food won’t be fresh anymore. People won’t plant vegetables and fruits in the gardens and grow animals for meat and dairy products. Food we get used to eating now will be replaced by vitamins in pills. The positive aspect is that we won’t need to spend too much time on cooking.
Furthermore, people will communicate less with each other and live in a digitalized world where information technologies will replace real communication.
I am afraid that the Earth will soon become overpopulated and that will result in different kinds of conflicts.
In conclusion, I’d like to admit that whatever the future is going to bring, I believe that people’s lives will be happier though quite different from the style of life we have nowadays.

You’ve read this sample and what do you think life in future be like in some 40 -50 years? Leave your comment.