Speaking Time

Tell about the subjects you study in Year 5

I’m Vlad and I’m in Year 5 and this is my first year in middle school. I study lots of different subjects: Ukrainian and Ukrainian Literature, World Literature and English, History of Ukraine and Nature Study, Maths, Music, Art, IT, Craft, PE and Health. And several teachers teach us. I think that my timetable and my lessons are OK.

One of my favourite subjects is literature. I’m fond of reading interesting stories and discussing them and what is more the teacher organizes the lessons in such a way that it’s never boring.

I love my lessons of English because it’s so exciting to speak a foreign language. I am good at English. I like speaking English outside classroom as well. It may sound strange but I like speaking English even when I fish. I learn English to communicate with people from other countries. I’d like to visit England and Scotland because good fishermen live on the British Isles and it would be cool to go fishing there. My favourite activities at our English classes are reading, speaking, listening to stories, doing tests, computer tests and projects. My favourite teacher is the teacher of English because she is kind but demanding.

My least favourite subject is Music because I can’t sing well and don’t like singing songs the teacher offers. But I like listening to music especially pop and hip hop.

I am not very good at Art though I like drawing and can say that it is one of my favourite free time activities. I think the least important subject at school is Art but it’s the easiest subject for me.

I think the most important subject is Maths because it requires thinking and develops our mind. Our teacher says that Maths is the queen of all sciences. I’m sure that my lessons of Maths are the most difficult because you must be very attentive at tests.

The most intresting subject for me is History. I’m crazy about reading and listening to exciting stories about the past. If it was possible to travel on a time machine I would like to go to the 18th century and visit the beautiful palaces and castles. I’d like to meet and speak to the inventors of early bicycles. I’m fond of riding a bike.

The most popular subject among my classmates is PE because we like running, playing active sports games such as football, volleyball and basketball. I like team games.

There aren’t any swots in my class. There are some excellent students and I’m among them but we aren’t swots. I love studying and learning lots of new things but my hobbies are also very important.