Let’s do the Present Simple Tense exercises

Level A1 Elementary

Doing Present Simple Tense exercises you will have good practice.

Task 1. Make negative sentences

Example: She cooks breakfast. – She doesn’t cook breakfast.

  1. I take letters.
  2. She thinks about flowers.
  3. Mike goes home alone.
  4. Lena watches the butterflies.
  5. They make noise.
  6. I know the words.
  7. I help my mum about the house.
  8. He does the ironing.
  9. She plays the piano.
  10. They travel a lot.

Task 2. Use the word combinations to make up questions.

Example: to look funny (she) – Does she look funny?

  1. to make plans (he)
  2. to have money (you)
  3. to wash clothes (Dad)
  4. to work in the garden (Granny)
  5. to vacuum the carpets (Nick)
  6. to go shopping (Sue)
  7. to take out the rubbish (Grandpa)
  8. to fix toys (my friend)
  9. to wash-up (we)
  10. to learn English (they)

Task 3. Ask your friend if he/she/ somebody else often (always, usually) does it.

Example: Nancy often helps me with my Maths. – Does she often help you with Maths?

  1. I understand my English teacher well.
  2. Bob phones me late in the evening.
  3. John begins his work at nine.
  4. She drinks tea in the morning.
  5. My sister plays tennis with her friends.
  6. The teacher corrects our exercises in class.
  7. Mother dusts the furniture on Saturdays.
  8. Tom borrows books from the school library.
  9. We speak English at the English lesson.
  10. Nick and Ann help their mother to do the shopping.

Task 4. Express your surprise or disbelief at these actions.

Example: My father does the shopping. – Does he really do the shopping?

  1. My sister Sue plays football.
  2. My aunt speaks Chinese with her children.
  3. My mum sleeps in the afternoon.
  4. My brother speaks three foreign languages.
  5. Margaret does her homework in the evening.
  6. Steve lives with his grandparents.
  7. Ann goes to bed at 9 o’clock.
  8. The Smiths spend their summer in Australia.
  9. My sister cooks breakfast every morning.
  10. My granny learns German.

Task 5. Put Wh-questions to the sentences to get extra information.

Example: Tom plays chess with his father. (when) – When does Tom play chess with his father?

  1. Susan feels tired. (why)
  2. They want to buy some toys for their children. (where)
  3. We want to catch the six o’clock train. (why)
  4. Edward prefers to have lunch in the cafeteria. (why)
  5. Every evening David walks his dog. (where)
  6. I get up early on weekdays. (when)
  7. Snow melts in spring. (why)
  8. We want to go there very much. (where)
  9. I don’t like loud music. (why)
  10. Jany plays the piano every day. (where)

I hope you had good practice doing these Present Simple Tense exercises.