Speaking Time

Year 5 Level A1+

Speak about Yourself

What can I say about me? My name is Elizabeth, Liza for short, and I’m a nine-year-old girl from from Ukraine. I’ll be ten soon, my birthday is in October. The colors of my flag are yellow and blue. I think these colors are beautiful but my favourite ones are pink and purple. I like wearing clothes of these colors.

I live in the small town of Shpola in Cherkasy Oblast. My hometown stands on the river Shpolka. There are beautiful forests around our town. We like going to the forest for a picnic and my granny loves picking up mushrooms in autumn.

I’m Ukrainian so my mother tongue is Ukrainian. We speak two languages at home: Ukrainian and Russian. I’m in Year 5 and I have been studying English for five years. I already can speak, read and write in English but I want to speak English fluently. English is one of my favourite subjects at school. I learn English to travel, to study and work abroad. I am fond of travelling and I know that English is the window to world.

What do I look like? I’m short. I’ve got long straight brown hair and green eyes. I think I am kind, friendly and lively. I have a small family. We are four: my mom, my dad, my granny and me. We’ve got three pets: two cats and a dog. I adore my dog! We took it from the dog shelter.

I always help my parents and my granny about the house. I love cooking. I can cook pasta and pancakes myself. We sometimes make sushi and cheese sticks with mom and I help granny to bake cakes, apple pies, cookies and make a wonderful Ukrainian dessert – Lviv syrnyk.

What to add about me? At the weekends and in my free time I like playing with my dog, drawing, painting, making diamond mosaics pictures and watching TV. Skateboarding is also one of my likings. I like skiing in winter. I think that I’m good at drawing and cooking.