Year 5 Let’s Speak about School Subjects

Word List

Check whether you know these words.

different – різний
We study different subjects at school.

Science – наука
We have Science on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

History – історія
I like to read books on History. We discuss how people lived in the past at the lessons of History.

Craft – трудове навчання
We have Craft on Friday. In Craft we make different things and cook.

Geography – географія
His favourite lesson is Geography. We read about countries of the world in Geography.

IT (Information Technology) – інформатика
IT is our third lesson on Monday. In IT we learn how to use the computer.

PE (Physical Education) – фізкультура
My friend’s favourite lesson is PE. In PE we run, jump and play different sports games.

Religion – релігія
In England children have the lesson of Religion at school. On Wednesday we have Religion before Art.

Gymnastics – гімнастика
He’s good at Gymnastics.

Art – мистецтво
Art is my favourite subject. In Art we draw and paint.

timetable – розклад
This is our timetable. Have you seen the new timetable on the notice board?

boring – нудний
I think History is boring.

popular – популярний
In some countries number five is very popular.

swot – зубрилка
Students who have excellent marks are called swots.

easy – легкий
English is an easy subject for me.

be good at – бути вправним у чомусь
I am good at English. She’s good at Ukrainian. What are you good at?

computer wizard – комп’ютерний геній
He’s a computer wizard. He can work on the computer well.

round the world – навколо світу
They’ve got a lot of pen-friends all round the world.

dictionary – словник
Have you got an English-Ukrainian dictionary? We need a dictionary at the lessons of English.

musical instrument – музичний інструмент
Which musical instrument can you play? I can play the piano. Would you like to play the guitar?

synthesizer – синтезатор
Can she play the synthesizer? She’s got a synthesizer.

hope – сподіватися
I hope we haven’t got many classes today. I hope to get an excellent mark in History.

information – інформація
You can read the information about our school on our school website. The teacher of Geography tells us a lot of interesting information about our planet.

guess – здогадуватися
Guess why Saturday is the best of all. We don’t go to school on Saturday.

tricky – хитрий, складний
He is tricky. This is a tricky question.

goodbetterthe best – добрий – кращий – найкращий
History is better than Maths. He is the best pupil in our class.

bad – worse – the worst – поганий – гірший – найгірший
Music is worse than Art. Thursday is the worst day in the week because we’ve got six lessons.

little – less – the least – маленький – менший – найменший
Science is less interesting than Geogrpahy. Maths is the least popular school subject.

hate – ненавидіти
I hate Maths because I’m not good at it. In Maths we do sums and solve problems.

difficult – важкий
Maths is the most difficult subject for me. Is it difficult for you to learn English?

May I go out? – Дозвольте вийти?

Sorry, I am late. – Вибачте, я спізнився.

Who is absent? – Хто відсутній?

What do we have for homework? – Яке домашнє завдання?

presentation – презентація
I can make presentations in English.

parts of speech – частини мови
noun – іменник
pronoun – займенник
adjective – прикметник
verb – дієслово
preposition – прийменник

friendly – доброзичливий, дружній
Our new teacher of Science is friendly. I like friendly teachers.

intelligent – розумний, кмітливий
My Maths teacher is the most intelligent person I know.

composer – композитор
style of music – стиль музики
In Music we learn about composers and styles of music.

calculation – обчислення
In Maths we use numbers and calculations.

language – мова
Ukrainian is my native language.

foreign – іноземний
We learn two foreign languages at school, Engllish and German.

important – важливий
It is important to learn a foreign language, especially English.

Let’s Talk about School Subjects

  1. What school subjects do you study in Year 5?
  2. Is your timetable OK?
  3. What are your favourite subjects?
  4. What is your least favourite subject?
  5. Who is your favourite teacher?
  6. What are you good at?
  7. What are you bad at?
  8. What do you think is the most important  subject?
  9. What do you think is the least important subject?
  10. What is the easiest subject?
  11. What is the most difficult subject?
  12. What lesson is the most boring?
  13. What lesson is the most interesting?
  14. What lesson is the most popular among your classmates?
  15. What do you do in Maths (Ukrainian, Ukrainian Literature, Geography, History, Art, Music, IT, PE, English)?
  16. Are there swots in your class? Do kids tease them?
  17. Do you often have tests?
  18. Why do you learn English?
  19. What are your favourite activities in English class? (reading, doing projects, writing, learning new English words, singing songs, speaking English, doing crosswords, listening to a story, reciting poems, learning grammar, working in groups, doing tests on computer, doing grammar exercises, speaking English)

Tell about your school subjects, please.