Time for Speaking

You are in Year 5 and you got the task: Year 5 Speak about yourself. You may use this sample to make an interesting and exciting story about yourself.

Year 5 Speak about Yourself

  1. My first name is Zoriana.
  2. My surname or my family name is Stryzh.
  3. I am ten years old.
  4. My birthday is on the fourteenth of August.
  5. I am from Ukraine.
  6. I live in Kaniv, a small town on the Dnipro River.
  7. My address is 45 Shevchenko Street.
  8. My family is (not) big.
  9. We are four: dad, mum, an elder brother and me.
  10. My dad is 41. He is a tall dark-haired and brown-eyed man.
  11. He is an engineer and he works at the Hydro-electric power station.
  12. My mum is slim, fair-haired and blue-eyed woman of 37.
  13. She a nurse and she works at the hospital.
  14. My brother is a student at the university. He is going to be and IT specialist and I can say that he is a computer wizard.
  15. I’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes.
  16. I think I’m cheerful, helpful and hard-working.
  17. I never feel lonely because I’ve got a lot of friends.
  18. We’ve got a pet, a Dalmatian dog. I like to take him for a walk.
  19. I am in Year 5 which is the first year in middle school.
  20. This year we study many interesting subjects at school: Ukrainian, Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, English, German, Maths, History, Science, Geography, IT, PE, Music, Craft, Art.
  21. My favourite subjects are English and IT.
  22. My least favourite subject is History because it’s boring.
  23. I am good at English and Ukrainian.
  24. I am bad at Music because I can’t sing well.
  25. My favourite activities in English class are doing projects, listening to stories and doing computer tests.
  26. I learn English to travel abroad and communicate with people from different countries.
  27. My hobbies are rollerblading in summer and skating in winter.
  28. I am crazy about dancing hip hop.