What is your friend like?

  • Do you have a close friend?
  • Does your friend help you when you have aproblem?
  • Does your friend often gossip?
  • Does your friend share his/her secrets with you?
  • Does your friend keep your secrets?
  • Does your friend listen to you when you want to say something?
  • Does your friend have the same prefrences in music?
  • Is your friend bossy?
  • Does your friend help you when you have a problem or get in trouble?
  • Do you and your friend understand each other well?
  • What should friends always do?
  • What should friends never do?

The Best Friend of Mine

I have known my friend since primary school: that is for thirteen years. On the first day at school he sat next to me and immediately we became friends. We kept on sitting next to each other for the following nine years and nothing could separate us. We had the same hobbies and so we even met after school and we would spend part of our holidays together too. But then I was luckier than my friend and I passed the entrance exam to grammar school and it was then that we stopped seeing each other so often.

The best friend of mine is a very friendly and sincere person. He always tells me what he thinks of my problem and he doesn’t mind telling me unpleasant things. Sometimes he is quite moody, he gets upset on a minor problem but in a minute he calms down and is as cheerful as ever. He is also very generous: he would give everything he’s got just to help somebody. He’s reliable though not very punctual.

Word List

  • immediately – негайно
  • keep on doing something – продовжувати щось робити
  • the entrance exam – вступний іспит
  • a sincere person – щира людина
  • don’t mind – не проти
  • unpleasant things – неприємні речі
  • moody – примхливий, з поганим характером
  • get upset – засмучуватися
  • minor problem  – незначна проблема
  • to calm down – заспокоїтися
  • generous – щедрий