Have Practice in Speaking

Friends and Friendship

Speak about friends and friendship.

  • Have you got many friends?
  • Why do people become friends?
  • What person can be called a close friend?
  • What people could you never be friends with?
  • What do real friends do?

Level A2 / B1

Hi, I’m Liza and I am in Year 9. I think I am a sociable person and I have some friends. People become friends when they have a lot in common or they have the same interests. My friends and I have much in common, such as interests and problems. My friends and I like watching the same sort of films. We prefer such films as thrillers, action films, and romantic love stories. After watching films we usually discuss them. My friends and I listen to the same kind of music. We love pop, hip hop and rap.

When you have really close friends, you can share secrets with them and can completely rely on them. I like the friends of mine because they are reliable, nice and kind. They share their secrets with me and they keep my secrets. They are always ready to give me a good piece of advice. My friends are helpful. If I get in trouble, they help me to solve my problem. They never let me down and they are very supportive in difficult situations.

I could never be friends with someone who is rude, cruel, arrogant, impolite, insensitive or selfish. I think that real friends are trustworthy, understanding, honest and kind. They are never envious or gossipy.  I like people who are positive, determined, hard-working, responsible and have a good sense of humour.

I often spend my free time hanging out with my friends. We talk for hours about all sorts of things: our interests and hobbies, our classes and teachers, academic results and love, our plans for the future and the life of our community. Of course, we have different opinions about things and different views on our future, we often argue but we never quarrel.  I think that my friends are ambitious but they are never bossy.

To crown it all, I must say that it is interesting for me to be with my friends because they are funny and friendly and what I love best about my friends is that I never feel bored with them. I appreciate our friendship and hope we’ll keep our friendship for life.