Briefly About Me

Let’s have practice in speaking. Speak about yourself, please.

Level A2 Elementary

Hello, briefly about me. I’m Vlad and my surname is Steblyna. I’m ten years old. I’m from Ukraine. The colours of my flag are blue and yellow and I think our flag is beautiful. The capital city of Ukraine is Kyiv but I don`t live in it. I live in Kaniv which is, by the way, not far from our capital city.  Both Kaniv and Kyiv stand on the Dnipro River, the biggest and the deepest river in Ukraine. I’m Ukrainian. My native language is Ukrainian. I can speak three languages – Ukrainian, Russian and English. I want to speak English fluently.

I’m tall, my hair is blond and I am a blue-eyed boy. My family is small, there are four people in my family: my mum, my dad, my little brother and me.

I help my parents in the house and I love playing with my brother. I think I’m kind and helpful but sometimes I can be very lazy.

At the weekends I love going fishing with my dad on the boat. Dad has taught me lots of secrets of fishing. I also like riding a bike, skateboading and learning English. My teacher says that I am good at English. I am sure that I fish and skateboard well but what is the most important – I enjoy these free time  activities.

These questions will help you introduce yourself and take an interview to make acquaintance with a person. You may also use them in the first letter to your pen friend.

Briefly About Me

  1. What’s your name?
  2. What’s your surname?
  3. How old are you?
  4. Where are you from?
  5. What are the colours of your flag?
  6. Do you live in the capital city?
  7. Where do you live?
  8. What nationality are you?
  9. What’s your native language?
  10. How many languages can you speak?
  11. What do you look like? (Are you tall or short? What’s your hair like? What colour are your eyes?)
  12. What’s your family like? (Have you got a big or a small family? How many people are there in your family?)
  13. Do you help your parents in the house?
  14. What are you like? (What kind of person are you?)
  15. What do you do at the weekends?
  16. What do you like doing?
  17. What are you good at?
  18. What do you think you do well?