Have Practice in Writing

Write a for-and-against essay about pros and cons of social networking.

  • state the topic in your introduction
  • define points for social networking
  • define points against social networking
  • sum up the advantages and disadvantages of social networking

Student’s essay Pros and Cons of Social Networking

Hi, I’m Dasha and I am a user of some social networks as well as my friends and relatives. Every morning we check our social networks to watch news, to communicate with friends and family, to search for information, follow other people’s lives. During our day we use them for work and for personal needs. Social networking is very useful in today’s world, but it has some disadvantages.

I want to begin with some positive sides and speak about the advantages of social networking. In the first place, social media is the best way to communicate with people online. You can chat with your family and friends, find new friends from other countries and develop foreign language skills.

Secondly, you can start your own business. A lot of people earn money in social networks. Some people have online shops. The others share their opinions on different topics for a target audience and get money from advertisers.  In addition, there are bloggers, who earn money by recommending products and that helps the owners of online shops to increase their income.

Thirdly, you can have a new hobby and change your lifestyle. There are a lot of people on YouTube, who are motivating others to keep to a healthy diet and do sports. Having an interesting hobby is important too. Watching videos about make up, fashion, photography, traveling or something else will be motivating for you to find new interests and make your life more exciting because having an interesting hobby is important for a good and happy life.

Now I’d like to say some words about disadvantages of social networks. The worst disadvantage of social networking is
cyber bullying. Every year a lot of teenagers become victims of hatered. People write bad comments about their appearance. As a result, teens don’t love themselves. In the worst case they commit suicide.

Moreover, people can know everything about you: where you live, work, etc. and can rob your house easily. So, you need to be careful and post right information about yourself to be in safe.

Next, there are billions of fake accounts and fake news on various social networking sites.

In conclusion, I’d like to say, that in my point of view, social networking has more advantages, than disadvantages. You can communicate, find new friends and hobbies, develop skills. If you ignore bad comments, don’t post too much information about yourself  and have a difficult password, you won’t beome a victim of cyber bullies.