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Although American people spend a great deal of time watching TV, books and newspapers are still popular in this country. But the British people are greater newspapers readers. There are few homes to which newspaper is not delivered every morning. Many homes have two, or even three, newspapers every day.

Daily papers are those that are published daily from Monday to Saturday. There are the morning papers and the evening papers. The provincial newspapers give very full attention to local, as well to national affairs. As in other countries, newspapers in Great Britain vary greatly in their ways of sending the news. There are serious papers for those who want to know about important happenings everywhere, both domestic news and foreign news.

There are popular newspapers for those who prefer entertainment to information. There are newspapers whose pages are largely filled with news of sports and with interviews with film stars or accounts of crime. Most newspapers provide interesting and useful articles for their women readers. They tell them about latest fashions in clothes, how to furnish their homes and how cook new delicious dishes.

The popular newspapers naturally have much larger circulations than the serious newspapers. Two popular papers with large circulations are the Daily Mirror and the Daily Sketch. To serious newspapers belongs the Times. It has a high reputation for reliable news and serious comments on the news. The Times, of course, does not publish the strip cartoons that are so common in the cheaper and popular papers. It does, however, publish a crossword puzzle every day, with clues that are both clever and amusing.

Check whether you know these words

although – хоча
spend a great deal of time – витратити велику кількість часу
deliver – доставити
the provincial newspapers – губернські газети
give attention to – приділяти увагу
local affairs – місцеві справи
national affairs – національні справи
vary greatly – сильно різняться
to know about important happenings – знати про важливі події
domestic news – вітчизняні новини
foreign news – іноземні новини
prefer entertainment – віддавати перевагу розвагам
are largely filled with – багато в чому заповнені
accounts of crime – звіти про злочини
provide interesting and useful articles for – надайте цікаві та корисні статті для
to furnish – обставляти, меблювати
to belong – належати
have a circulation – мати тираж
have a high reputation – мати високу репутацію
reliable news – достовірні новини
serious comments on the news – серйозні коментарі до новин
strip cartoons – розповідь в малюнках, комікс
publish a crossword puzzle – опублікувати кросворд
clues – підказки

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