Let’s learn to use the Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Elementary is for students of elementary school to make acquaintance with the Present Perfect Tense and start using it in the sentences of their own.

Read and find the verbs in the Present Perfect Tense

A Visit to New York

– Hi, Nick! Haven’t seen you for ages! Did you enjoy your stay in New York?

– Yes, I did, It was great!

-What does New York look like?

– Well, it’s a very big city. The streets are very busy with cars, buses and taxis. New York taxis are yellow. They are called cabs.

-Is there an underground in New York?

-Yes, there is. I have learnt that it is called subway. There are a lot of very tall buildings in the city. They are called skyscrapers.

-Have you seen the Hudson River?

-Oh, yes, I have. There are a lot of bridges over it. I have been on the Brooklyn Bridge. It is the most famous one.

-What did you do in New York?

-I had a sightseeing tour.

-Have you seen the Statue of Liberty?

-Yes, I have! And I have taken a lot of photos and bought some souvenirs for you!

Answer the questions

  1. Where has Nick been?
  2. What has he seen?
  3. What has Nick learnt?
  4. What has he visited?
  5. What famous bridge has he been on?
  6. What statue has he seen?
  7. What has Nick taken?
  8. What has he bought?

Make up questions

He went to Oxford yesterday.

  1. Did ___________________________________________________________________?
  2. When _________________________________________________________________?
  3. Where _________________________________________________________________?
  4. Who __________________________________________________________________?

He has never been to Oxford before.

  1. Has ___________________________________________________________________?
  2. Where _________________________________________________________________?
  3. Who __________________________________________________________________?

I have visited the London Eye three times.

  1. Have __________________________________________________________________?
  2. What _________________________________________________________________?
  3. How many times_________________________________________________________?
  4. Who __________________________________________________________________?

Learn the poem

Have you ever been to France?

No. I’ve never had a chance.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Yes, her name is Shirley Pearl.

Have you ever bitten dogs?

Have you ever eaten frogs?

Have you ever met a snake?

Not, not ever, for God’s sake!


Have you ever…? – Ти коли-небудь …?

I’ve never had a chance. – В мене ніколи не було нагоди (шансу)

for God’s sake – боронь Боже

Have Present Perfect Elementary practice

I, you, we, they + have + V3

He, she, it + has + V3

Exercise 1. Rewrite the following sentences putting the verb in the Present Perfect Tense.

  1. John (write) his name. – John has written his letter.
  2. I (draw) a picture. ___________________________________________________________
  3. Tom (blow) out the light. _____________________________________________________
  4. The cat (drink) its milk. ______________________________________________________
  5. The tree (fall) across the road.___________________________________________________
  6. John (give) his bicycle to his brother._____________________________________________
  7. You (make) a mistake. ________________________________________________________
  8. The thieves (take) the jewels. ____________________________________________________
  9. We (eat) our dinner. ___________________________________________________________
  10. The train just (go).____________________________________________________________

Remember irregular verbs!

write – wrote – written
draw – drew – drawn
blow -blew – blown
drink – drank – drunk
fall – fell -fallen
give – gave – given
make – made – made
take – took – taken
eat – ate – eaten
go – went – gone

Exercise 2. Make the following sentences a) negative; b) interrogative.

  1. I have finished the work. – I haven’t finished the work. Have I finished the work?
  2. He has written a letter.
  3. The cat has drunk its milk.
  4. They have understood the lesson.
  5. Richard has gone to the zoo.
  6. I finished the work yesterday.
  7. He wrote a letter last week.
  8. The cat drank its milk in the morning.
  9. They understood the lesson.
  10. Richard went to the zoo last week.

I hope Present Perfect Elementary helped you to understand how to use this verb tense.