Read about some of the British Cities

The centre of everything in Great Britain is the city of London. It’s situated at the centre of a vast national and international network of communication. London consists of four main districts, which differ from each other. These are the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End.

The other towns, situated to the north of the Thames are Oxford and Cambridge.

Oxford was first mentioned in recorded history in the tenth century and later became an important trade centre in medieval times, then it developed into leading educational centre.

Cambridge is also best known for its ancient university. Its industries are mostly concerned with electronics which has an international reputation.

Bristol dominates South-west England, both as the region’s largest seaport and as its largest city. It is a major centre of metallurgy, aircraft and chemical industries.

Of the towns situated in the south of England, the largest ones are Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton. Southampton is primarily a sea port, the most important on the south coast. Brighton is one of the most popular seaside resorts of Britain. It has mild climate, warm sea and wonderful beaches.

Word List

vast – величезний
network – мережа
mention – згадувати
medieval times – середньовічні часи
leading educational centre – провідний освітній центр
are mostly concerned with electronics – в основному займаються електронікою
dominate – домінувати
aircraft industry – авіаційна промисловість
primarily – насамперед
seaside resort – морський курорт