Hi, I am Karina. I’m in Year 2. I want to tell you about a beautiful princess. Her name is Angelica. She lives in a very big castle.

There are many rooms in Angelica’s castle: living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Her favourite room is on top of her big castle. Her room has a big window so it is light in her room.

Princess Angelica has got long wavy blond hair, big blue eyes, a small nose and a small mouth. She has a very beautiful smile.

Angelica likes wearing beautiful dresses and white shoes. She’s got white, blue, and pink dresses. Her favourite colours are blue, yellow and pink.

Princess Angelica has a lot of friends. Her best friend is a big white horse Juliet.

Every day Angelica gets up at 8 o’clock in the morning, has breakfast and plays in the garden with her horse. Angleica likes riding her horse. They often go to the sea to swim and watch the birds and the waves.