How about making a sightseeing tour around London?

Elementary school Year 4 London Sightseeing Tour


a tour – тур
It was a long tour. They made a tour around the world. This tour is very interesting: we can visit many different places.

a tourist – турист
I think that I’m an active tourist. If you are on a tour, you are a tourist. We are active tourists because we travel for pleasure a lot. Many tourists visit London every day.

a sight – вид
What a beautiful sight! There are many beautiful sights in London. I like watching beautiful sights of the mountains.

sightseeing – огляд визначних місць
Tourists go sightseeing. I am fond of going sightseeing in a big city. The book tells about some interesting places for sightseeing.

royal – королівський
I like reading about the British royal family. This is a royal park. It’s a royal palace because it belongs to the Queen.

belong – належати
Who does this palace belong to? It belongs to the Queen.

Read the text

London Sightseeing Tour

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to London. London’s most famous sights are the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and St. Paul‘s Cathedral. You’ll see all these places and much more of London from our red double-decker.

We start from Trafalgar Square. On the column in the centre there is a statue of Admiral Nelson. To the left of us you can see the National Gallery. Now we are coming to Piccadilly Circus. It is the meeting point of six streets.

We have just passed Piccadilly Circus and now we are making our way to Buckingham Palace. Now we are at Buckingham Palace. It is London home of the Queen. Look, they have just changed the Guard. It happens every day at 11.30 am.

We have just turned left and you can see St. James’s Park. It is one of the royal parks. On the right you’ll see Covent Garden. It is a tourist shopping centre with cafes and restaurants. We’ll stop here so that you can go shopping. Our tour has finished. I hope that you have enjoyed this London sightseeing tour.

Choose and complete the sentences

1. They have started from …

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Trafalgar Square

2. They have seen …

  • the National Gallery
  • the River Thames

3. They have visited … which is the London home of the Queen.

  • St. James’s Park
  • Buckingham Palace

4. They have done shopping at …

  • Covent Garden
  • Piccadilly Circus

5. They have enjoyed …

  • the double-decker
  • the tour

Present Perfect Tense = have, has + V3

I have been to London.
have done many interesting things.
I have seen the Queen.
I have taken lots of photos.

just – щойно
We have just turned to the left.
They have just come.
I have just read the text.
He has just phoned his friend.

already – вже
We have already seen the Tower of London.
They have already done shopping.
She has already taken some photos.
He has already visited the London Zoo.

yet – ще
We haven’t seen the Queen yet.
They haven’t arrived yet.
She hasn’t been to London yet.
He hasn’t had lunch yet.
We haven’t made London sightseeing tour yet.

London Sights

  1. London Zoo
  2. Trafalgar Square
  3. the Houses of Parliament
  4. the British Museum
  5. St. James’s Park
  6. Madame Tussaud’s
  7. the Tower of London
  8. Buckingham Palace
  9. the Museum of Childhood
  10. Changing the Guard
  11. the Natural History Museum
  12. Piccadilly Circus
  13. Regent’s Park
  14. the Tate Gallery
  15. Big Ben
  16. Westminster Abbey
  17. the National Gallery
  18. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  19. Hyde Park
  20. Tower Bridge
  21. Covent Garden

Read and say what the tourists have already seen or visited and what they have not seen in London.

The tourists have just finished their tour.

They have already seen 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.

They haven’t seen 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14.

Example: They have already seen (visited) Trafalgar Square. They haven’t seen (visited) the Tate Gallery yet.


  • be – was, were – been
  • do –did- done
  • see –saw –seen
  • take-took – taken
  • buy – bought – bought
  • catch – caught – caught
  • come – came- come
  • eat – ate – eaten
  • fly –flew – flown
  • get – got –got
  • go – went – gone
  • have – had – had
  • learn –learnt – learnt
  • read- read- read
  • tell – told – told
  • write – wrote – written

ever – коли-небудь
Have you ever flown by plane? Have you ever been to London? Have you ever eaten sushi?

never – ніколи
I have never been to Paris. He has never travelled by plane. She has never seen snow.

once – один раз
I have been to Turkey once. I have visited this museum once.

twice – двічі
I have been to Cherkasy zoo twice. She has seen this film twice. He has been to the theatre twice.

three times – тричі
I have been to this mall three times. I have travelled by plane three times.

Answer the questions

  1. Have you ever flown by plane?
  2. Have you ever read about Admiral Nelson?
  3. Have you ever gone shopping with your mother?
  4. Have you ever written an email to your friend?
  5. Have you ever told your friend about your family?
  6. Have you ever eaten frogs?
  7. Have you ever come home at 11 pm?
  8. Have you ever seen an elephant?
  9. Have you ever read books about Harry Potter?
  10. Have you ever bought sunglasses?

Possible answers:

Yes, I have.

Yes, very often (many times / once / twice / three times)

No, I haven’t / never