Tell about your favourite teacher, will you?

Hi, I’m Dasha and I’m sure that teachers play a big role in our lives. They give us knowledge and motivation. We must  appreciate their work.

My favourite teacher has been teaching us Algebra and Geometry since the seventh grade. She has gift for teaching and she is keen on Mathematics. Our teacher is very kind and understanding. She always says, that making mistakes is normal for people who study. Thus, all students aren’t afraid of  answering her questions and asking for some extra explanations.

My Maths teacher isn’t strict, but she is demanding. Every lesson we learn some new mathematical terms and rules. If someone doesn’t take an active part in the lesson or isn’t ready for the class, she gets very disappointed. In addition, we prepare for  tests hard. We do plenty of exercises and solve lots of problems. All of her classes are fruitful.

The way of her teaching is loved by my class. The teacher uses her own methods, and various motivating tasks. She explains the material well and she helps each student. Our teacher wants us to do our best, because, according to her, Mathematics is the most useful subject in our life.

One more important thing about my Maths teacher is that she is a good warm person. She always asks us about our problems and helps us to solve them.

In conclusion, I want to say that my favourite teacher is an example of an excellent  teacher. I’ll remember her as one of the best teachers at school.